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  • Monday, 7 January 2019

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 7th January 2019 Written Update "Anurag-Prerna Lost in Each-Other's Thought"

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 7th January 2019 Written Update

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 7th January 2019 Written Update "Anurag-Prerna Lost in each-other's Thought".

    Anurag comes to help Nivedita with her work. He guides Nivedita to summarise the file easily. Nivedita appreciates Anurag choice. She tells Anurag that she likes the girl Mishka whom he chose for himself and also that she's glad that Anurag is now out of Prerna's reach. 

    She discusses the whole matter to Anurag and explains to him how Prerna impacted him. Nivedita says Prerna controlled you this way that you didn't think about anyone else. She points out how much he was concerned only about Prerna. Anurag tries to clear her doubt and explain that he was just concerned about her marriage with Naveen Babu as that wasn't right. But without listening to Anurag's explanation Nivedita clears her concern for him that she couldn't see him putting his life at risk just for Prerna.

     Nivedita tries to explain her point of view to Anurag that Prerna was trying to control him with her soft story. But he remembers that Prerna never asked for his favor. In fact, she always tried to keep him away from her problems and deal with them herself. When Nivedita points that Prerna took advantage of the rain to get close to him. The reality of the scene that how Prerna enjoyed the rain refusing his proposal to get into the car flashes in Anurag's mind. He realizes that Prerna is definitely opposite to what type Nivedita is talking about. After talking to Nivedita Anurag realizes how much he noticed Prerna and how closely. He loses himself in Prerna's thoughts but Mishka disturbs him by knocking the door with some files in her hand. 

    Anurag gets surprised when he sees Prerna at the door asking him to let her inside. She enters inside and hands over the file to Anurag. Anurag holds the file without moving his eyes from Prerna's face. His eyes stick to her face and his mind to her thoughts but Mishka shakes him out of Prerna's thoughts. Anurag realizes that it's not Prerna but Mishka with the file. Mishka gets confused and asks him is he alright? Anurag pulls himself back to reality and replies to Mishka that he's fine. And leaves for office as he's already getting late.

    Confrontation with Komolika is still in Prerna's mind. Her each word against her family keeps echoing in her ears. She recalls how Komolika made her mother cry and hurt her father in his own house. Murmuring to herself Prerna says she came to my house and humiliated my family. I'll not leave her. I'll be ready to fight against anyone who hurt my family. I don't want my family to be involved in any such problem. 

    She finds Komolika a very strange girl and her eyes too deep. Too seems as she has hidden many dark secrets in them. She reflected a strange passion, strange insanity. Prerna remembers her challenge and determines to bring her to the task. 

    She misses Anurag and wishes him to be with her in a hard time. Just as his name slips from her tongue, she feels Anurag near her. But as she turns, she couldn't get Anurag there. She starts looking for him everywhere but when she couldn't find him there she realizes that it was just her illusion.

    On the way to the office, Anurag realizes that he forgot the for meeting at home. Prerna gets more puzzled when she receives a video call from Anurag. She gets confused if that's again her imagination or reality but she shakes herself and answers the call. Anurag asks her to collect his file for meeting from home and bring them to the office. Prerna rushes to get ready for work. Nivedita gets disturbed when Mohini allows Prerna to go to Anurag's room and get the file to him. 

    Sidhant asks Komolika about Ronit's case. Komolika assures him that she's going to bring him out soon as now she got a reason to handle the matter personally. She wants to win Prerna's challenge and outwit her.

    Precap For Kasautii Zindagii Kay 8th January 2019 Written Update 

     Mishka listens Prerna confessing her feelings to Anurag's picture.

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