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  • Monday, 7 January 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 7th January 2019 Written Update " Raman's Plan to Save Ishita "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 4th January 2019 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 8th January 2019 Written Update
    " Raman's Plan to Save Ishita ".

    The episode begins in the Bhalla house where press arrives. Raman announces in front of the camera that about Ishita's kidnapping. He requests everyone to help him and his family to find out Ishita if they know anything. He also asks the kidnappers to take whatever they want to release Ishita.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 7th January 2019

     He promises to give ten crores to the kidnappers if they leave Ishita. The kidnappers don't think to keep Ishita safe there and one of them suggests to kill her. Ishita feels helpless and assures that nothing can happen to her as she will be alright. Other kidnappers make Manish understand to use Ishita to earn ten crores. He plans to take money from Raman and run away from there. 

    Ishita thanks Raman for planning everything properly. Sudha and Param are shocked to see the missing advertisement on the television screen. Raman thanks the press people. He is sure that the kidnappers will leave Ishita after hearing about such huge money. Ishita has hope that Raman will find her. Param gets angry for Raman's plan. He doesn't want to let Raman succeed in his plan. Meanwhile, the kidnappers get a call from Param. Param frowns at them for not picking up the phone quickly. He warns them not to cheat him for ten crores as he has his eyes on them. Param threatens them of informing Police for the crime of kidnapping Ishita.

     He asks them to forget what Raman has said in the television and do their own work. Param asks Sudha to tell her sons to inform everything that is happening in the Bhalla house. Police arrange their system in Bhalla house so that they can track every call that is made to Raman. 

    The inspector requests Raman not to lose his temper. He asks him to talk more than one minute so that they can reach to the kidnappers. He also indicates Karan not to spread anything that is happening in the Bhalla house. Raman gets many fake calls which are irrelevant for their investigation. He gets angry with such fake calls. Mrs. Iyer meets Mr. Iyer in the hospital chamber. Mr. Iyer asks for Ishita. Mrs. Iyer tries to ignore him. She asks him not to worry as Raman will find Ishita soon. She informs him that Rohan has changed as he has donated blood to him. 

    Mr. Iyer doubts Rohan as he has hurt Aliya earlier.
    The Bhallas only get fake calls. After attending so many calls they don't get any information about Ishita. Karan serves tea. Soon they get another call.

    The caller tells irrelevant things and insults Raman for not able to keep his wife safe. Raman throws the telephone as everyone is making fun of the situation. The inspector asks Raman to calm down as they won't be able to find Ishita like this.

     Everyone breaks down as they are not getting any hint where Ishita is. Raman goes back to his room and thinks of Ishita. He feels helpless as he's not able to find her out. One of the kidnappers gives Ishita food. She asks for water. She asks him to open up her hands so that she can eat. The kidnapper opens her one hand to let her eat and drink.
    Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to eat something. He refuses. Simmi comes home and informs that Mr. Iyer is well now. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to cook something that Raman likes. Sudha comes to Bhalla house. She knows that Raman didn't get any useful call till now.

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    She has come to meet Rohan as he has donated blood. She has brought fruit for Rohan. Raman asks her to get out or else he's going to push her out. Sudha comes to Rohan's room. Karan hugs his mother. Rohan asks her why she has come here knowing that everyone is stressed.

    Sudha and Karan are shocked by Rohan's behavior. She asks him why he's taking the side of the Bhallas. She reminds him about Rajat's death. She tries to create an emotional drama. Karan tells Sudha that Rohan is trying to be a member of this family.
    Sudha calls him his son. She tells Rohan to influence Simmi and take Ruhi and Aliya's signatures in the divorce papers. Sudha advises making use of the situation as the Bhallas have emotionally broken down. She gives him the divorce papers. Rohan tells her that it will be unfair to talk about divorce as everyone is worried about Ishita. Sudha understands that Rohan has changed.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 8th January 2019 Written Update

     Ishita requests the kidnappers to allow her to talk to Raman as she can increase the prize money to more than ten crores if they want. Raman gets a call from Ishita.

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