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  • Thursday, 24 May 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 24th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode"Anika Wants Baby Shivaay Makes Her Understand With Play"

    Ishqbaaaz 24th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode"Anika Wants Baby Shivaay Makes Her Understand With Play"

    Episode Start Shivaay-Omkara-Rudra are Sitting at Park and They See All the Others are Dancing with their Baby and After they too Dance Same way Like Ladies and they have Baby too In Baby Carrier.

    After their Dance Rudra Hears the Only lady Says to other that My Baby doesn’t Sleep at Night Other Says My don’t Sleep Not Day, not Night He Gets Scared and When He Feels Wet He Shouts That I don’t want Baby I am Going to Tell Bhavya.

    They come Home and Bhavya rushes to Rudra and Asks Him is He Okay He tells her that he is not Ready Anika Looks at Him In the confusion and He Says That Bhavya I am not Ready to be Father I Know You Are Pregnant She Shouts In Surprised Shocked Gauri Seems So happy. She runs to her and Says Bhavya that means Its True Shivaay Manages the Situation and Congratulate her She tries to Say Something But Gauri is On Roll.

    She Stops Bhavya and asks Rudra what are you Talking he tells Her that You were Feeling Vomiting She tells that’s because My Bp was Low He tells Dadi told me Dadi comes and Shouts On Him I didn’t tell She tells that I was teasing You. He Says What You mean teasing I nearly got heart attack Bhavya Gauri and Anika look at His reaction He gets So Happy that he is not going to Be Father. He Hugs Everyone and Shivaay tells Thank God we are Safe Now Gauri asks Shivaay why are You So happy to Listen to this?

    He Says He is Himself is Kid and If Somebody tells me that I am Going to Father I will reach Like this.
    Anika asks him Why Shivaay don’t You need Child of your own?
    He Hesitates and tells her Yes I don’t want Kids.
    Everyone Look at Him Anika comes Forward and asks Not Now Or Never?
    He tells I Am Not Sure Dadi scolds him that because of Child your clan will go Forward Who will Manage this Whole Empire.
    Bhavya and Gauri Support Dadi But Shivaay tells them I Need to Talk to her alone we will talk But Anika tells him No I want to Know Now?
    Dadi Scolds him That He is Elder of this House And She wants to Play with His Babies She Will try to Blackmail her emotionally That His Mother Pinky too wants to Become Grandmother. What will people Say?
    Shivaay tells Her I don’t Care about people it's Between me and Anika.
    Anika Asks Him what are you saying..Shivaay tells People to want to understand what we want.
    Gauri tries to make Him Understand That After Marriage Kid is next Step Shivaay Replies her I think A couple should become Parents When they are Ready to take Responsibility.
    Anika Tells Him I understand what You mean It means He doesn’t want Child She About to Go But Shivaay Stops her and tells Everyone That You All Sit I will make You understand.
    They All Sit and Shivaay tell Just Imagine with me Light Goes off
    He educates his family by taking them to an imaginary world. He wants to tell them that none from relatives and society should pressurize a person.

    He tells them that person shouldn’t miss living his life to fulfill the criteria of the society. He tells them that he was born free, but the society started ruining his life, he has become a puppet to fulfill everyone’s expectations, he forgot to live his life as he was serving other’s hopes. He arranges a musical drama to explain his point. He asks them why shall a person do everything in life by following the people who aren’t concerned at all, where does a person’s real happiness lies, why should he work out everything by getting in pressure. He tells them that he doesn’t want to face troubles, he feels happy to be with Anika the way they are, he doesn’t want anyone to comment on his personal life.

    He wants people to live their lives on their own terms. He also wants people to let him live the way he wants. He tells them that people will not get quiet even if they get a child, people will always talk, they won’t stop at any point, they can’t have children to please the society. He proves his point that a couple has the right to decide their happiness. 

    Shivay tells Anika that they should have a child when they both are ready. He asks Anika to think of the realities and then take a decision.

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