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  • Thursday, 24 May 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Raman's Anger On Pihu-Ruhi Ishita worried for Pihu

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Raman's Anger On Pihu-Ruhi Ishita worried for Pihu

    Romi and Mihika Bring Raman House who is not in Sense and Shouting that I will destroy that women who Killed my Son Adi I won’t let her live in her house.

    Hearing His Voice Pihu comes out of Room and About to go to Raman But Mihika stops her Pihu says If Ishi maa would be here Papa will Never Behave Like This Mihika tells her in anger this is all because of Your Ishi Maa ..Ruhi Listens to This and Comes to Pihu and Tells Mihika that if you think about Ishi Ma like this You don’t need to tell Pihu she is already disturbed Mihika Says Sorry and Ruhi takes Pihu to Room.

    Pihu asks Ruhi Why everyone hate Ishi Maa I know Adi Bhaiya is not with us because of Ishi Maa But I Know Ishim aa will Never do something Like This.
    Ruhi Cries and Tells Pihu That This is SO much for You You are Small to understand all this Ruhi Turns of the Light and Tugs Pihu and tells her that I will Never hate Ishi Maa. Ruhi consoles her But Pihu Says That She wants to Ishi Maa.

    Romi Shouts that I am Fed up with Raman’s Bhai Drama Daily One day he comes home other he goes to Ishita Bhabhi’s House People move in 8 months but See where we are We have Raman Bhai’s Problem, Simmi and Her Husband they are dancing on our head from 8th Month.

    Mihika Looks at him Helpless and tells him That Jiju lost His Young son we can’t understand their Pain He Shouts that I am fed and I will run away from here  Mihika tells Him to Calm down and I think He is Drinking so much that’s why No Pihu is Back So He Has to Stop all this we will talk to him Tomorrow Romi Loses all hopes.
    Maid Informs Mihika that Gas is Finished because of Simmi’s Maid one men come with gas Cylinder Mihika tells her to Make Breakfast Quickly.
    Simmi’s Maid comes and Both Maid Starts Fighting Mr. Bhalla Tells Simmi’s Maid to Make what you want I will bring breakfast from Outside.
    Param comes with Breakfast Mr. Bhalla Tells Him Stop this Nonsense I won’t give a Single Penny to Simmi.
    Mihika Curses Ishita this is Because of your Single Step Ishita Akka.
    Ishita is on Phone in her apartment and She Gets Notice from Society Secretary She Calls Usmaan Bhai and Tells him for New House and Usmaan Tells That This is 3rd House you are changing She tells Him That Raman came last Night and Now I have to leave as soon as possible he suggests Ishita Stay Far from them She tells No that She has to live nearby them.
    Ishita gets Pihu’s Video call and Pihu asks Her whereabouts She tells She Saw Papa Light Night Ishita tells she is okay pihu asks her about How She Lives Ishita Replies her Just then Raman comes and throws Away Phone But Ishita Sees What is Happening.
    Raman Shouts on Pihu Ruhi comes to Save pihu Ishita Shouts Raman Don’t do this Romi comes to Interfere But Raman calls Ishita Manhoos Lady and Leaves ishita worries for Pihu.
    Pihu comes to room and takes out her anger On Bed and She Falls Ruhi comes and makes her Sit Pihu asks Ruhi to take her to Ishi maa and She cries Ruhi Promises her but She tells her now You have to go to Doctor.
    Ishita Thinks she has to do something for Pihu.
    Pihu is Crying in bed and Asking for Ishita..ishita comes and Hugs Pihu and she looks at her hand Pihu tells that I was Slipped She tells her to take Care Just then Raman comes and tells her to leave But She Tells No Raman Drags her to Out of House Both Pihu and Ishita tries to Stop Him But He Pushes Away from Stairs and She Falls Down.
    Pihu Shouts and Wakes Up from Sleep She comes to Raman who is shouting On Phone to Someone.
    Pihu tells Raman that She wants to Meet Ishi Maa Raman Shouts On her that Don’t take her Name in this House.
    She tells Raman that I have Seen A Dream You Pushed Ishi Maa and She Fell down Raman Sees Adi’s Photo and Wishes That You dream may Fulfill Pihu Shouts that You are Cruel and She tells Him That She will Go and Meet her.
    Raman Gets Angry Ruhi comes and Asks Raman Why is Taking out Anger on Pihu She is So Small Raman Tells Her Not to Teach me.
    Raman tells Them That ishita dies for us Raman Locks Pihu Inside the Room Ruhi tries To Stop But Raman tells Everyone That No one dares to Open Gate.
    Raman threatens Ruhi That Don’t let me Raise My hand On You He Locks the Door from Outside Pihu cries That Please Open the Door.
    Pihu Sits On the Bed and Promises herself that she will meet Ishi Maa whatever You want to do I will Meet.
    Ruhi comes to Raman and Takes Out Her Anger on Raman that Only Ishi Maa Can Love Pihu Everyone in the House is Sad Pihu Needs Love This Anger will Ruin her Mental State She Begs Raman But He tells her that My Wife is Dead Now leave This Room He throws her Out. There Pihu Again Shouts on The Door I want to Go to Ishita..Param hears her Cries and Thinks Let them meet and Will See the Drama.

    Precap : Raman Gives her Address from the Door and She Sneaks Out with her Bag Param Sees her Doing all this.

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