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  • Wednesday, 25 April 2018

    Avni Saves Mowgli from Kidnapper Mowgli Calls her Mumma In front of everyone Naamkarann UMT 25th April Video WU

    Avni Saves Mowgli from Kidnapper Mowgli Calls her Mumma In front of everyone Naamkarann  UMT 25th April Video WU

    Segment Start with Avni comes to a Park with All the Kids and While all kids are Playing Someone come to Mowgli and Tries to Kidnap Him.


    That Men Covers His Head with Hudd and He covers Mowgli’s Mouth and Lifts Him and tries to run Away But Mowgli Bites Him on His Hand and Suddenly Avni comes with One Stick and She Runs Behind that Men.


    Kidnapper Leaves Mowgli and Avni Throws Stick on that Men and He Runs Away from there.
    All the Kids come there and Avni takes Mowgli in her Arms who cries and Calls her Mumma In front pf everyone They all are Shocked to hear But They didn’t React Because Mowgli is So Scared that Time.


    Avni’s Interview: She Starts with SO Excitement That yeah We are at Park and Someone Cheers and Avni Shows her Thumps too She says for Kids it's very important to come out of the house so here we come for Picnic.
    She Continues that Someone tried to Kidnap Mowgli and Now I am Scared So I told everyone to Back to House again.


    She Narrates How She Run Behind that Kidnapper and Throws Stick on His But He Left Mowgli Because Mowgli Bite Him on his hand.
    She Says That Mowgli Called her Mumma in front of everyone they didn’t ask yet but they will Ask when we will go House So I have to Tell them Everything.
    She Says That She is Feeling Little cold and Laughs That Its Hot out here But She is Okay because When you come out After so many Times You Like that feel So Same I Am feeling Right Now.
    She Says She Still Don’t know Who Can do This but Soon She will find Out

    What will be Neil’s Reaction After this Will He Shout on Avni ? Stay Tune and Must Watch this Segment  

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