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  • Wednesday, 25 April 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 25th April 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Anika Believes Shivaay Betrayed Her"

    Episode Start with Roop tells shivaay To take Pheres Shivaay asks Where are Proofs She Says After Phere Rudy tells let's Get Up.
    Anika wipes her tears and she convinces herself that this is all shivaay is doing under pressure and She Turns around to see Shivaay is talking Phere and she is remembering Her Phere But She doesn’t see that GathBandhan is Break while Taking Phere.

    Shivaay looks at Rudy who tells that Marriage is Happened Shivaay asks for Proof and Roop comes with  Photos and Shivaay asks where is fake Suicide Notes I asked Not this Photos.
    Anika Looks Shivaay is watching pics and She Remembers Roop’s word that Shivaay will Choose his Khandan over her Father and She Thinks that Roop was Saying Truth.

    Roop Tells Shivaay that She will Give Proof only when he will Kick out Anika From your House There Anika is Crying that Shivaay Not Only Broke her trust Her heart too.
    Shivaay Gets Angry On Roop and She gives Suicide Note which Shivaay tears up and tells Roop that Gives him Anika’s Father’s Suicide Note.Anika watches all this and She collapses on Floor and Crying Hard.

    Roop comes to her and Provokes her that See Your Shivaay and Oberoi they do not consider their own daughter how will they Choose you and Your Father. She lies that Shivaay Bruns Your Father’s Suicide Note Anika remembers She Saw this.

    Roop continues that Now what will you do that was only Proof who can Prove Your father Innocent She tells That I have Proof Against Oberoi I have made copy this will Prove that Kalyani Mills Burnt By Oberoi and Your Father will Be Free From Blames Just Give this Proof to Police.
    She Provokes Her that If shivaay can marry Other Girl You can Choose your father Too She Gives Her Proof and Anika Looks at Shivaay and Roop gives Proof in her hand But She leaves on Floor and Says No She can’t do this.She can Never Betray Shivaay and He Family.
    Roop continues that They Only Care for their Reputation Nothing Else See them and Anika Looks At Shivaay and Family and Same Time Crying Roop tries her hard and Finally Anika wipes her tears and She takes Proof and Tells Roop that She will go Only after she will talk Shivaay once.
    Roop gets Angry But controls herself But Anika Tells she doesn’t Believe All this and She runs Away from there.Roop Thinks for other idea and She calls Charlie Who says Okay Boss on Phone.

    She gets Shivay at gunpoint. Roop asks Shivay to get a family picture. She diverts Shivay. She compels the family to appear happy in the picture.

    The family reprimands Roop for stooping so low. Roop also vents her anger on them. Roop shows their happy picture to Anika, so that Anika gets influenced. Anika wants to talk out to Shivay. Roop asks Shivay to hold the bride’s hand if he wants Anika fine. She blackmails him. Shivay holds his bride, which breaks Anika’s heart.

    PRECAP :Roop tells Shivaay that She makes Anika Watch Your Fake Marriage  Shivaay and Family are Shocked to Listen to this.Roop tells her that Anika watched and She Understood Too I Am Sacred what If she Suicide Like her Father.Shivaay Shouts and Rises his Hand.

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