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  • Friday, 22 September 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 22nd September 2017 Written Update

    Gents ask Ladies what are You doing here
    Manish asks Dadi and Suwarna…Naksh asks what are Your doing Bhabhi Ma Thundered lalla what are You doing ?
    Manish Says Maa What are You doing In this Dress in police Station Dadi retorts Manish You are also Standing In Police Station
    All Start Bickering and Kartik and Naira Start Their Fighting and Naira Blurts about That Male Dancer and Kartik Blurts about Went to Dance bar
    Naira Shouts on Naksh and Naitik and Finally Police Jump and Their Advocate came and Handle The Situation
    Finally Goenka and Singhania reach their House and Both family Laugh on their Situation
    They are Happy that at the End Everything is Okay

    Naira and Kartik are sleeping Kartik opens eyes and sees 12 “o” clock and he Yawns and Sat up on the Bed and Suddenly he Shouts Naira Jerks Open and asks what Happened he Points to The Doll behind her She Says This is Nothing that Left behind with Hip Hop Dress and He Rolls his Eyes Suddenly she Shouts and He Scares and Asks what happen She says 12:o” Clock
    He Mocks that Let me sleep Again She Says get up and Get ready we have Mehandi at Night
    He Throws Blue wig and Says That he wants to see her in that Naira takes The wig and comes to him and Says You really want to see
    He nods and Says Make My Day
    She Comes near and Put wig on His head and threaten him to get ready he rolls his Eyes and Says “Hitler”

    There On Singhania House Dadi bua is Throwing order of Mehandi and Preparation and Naitik is shouting for his Kurta  Naksh comes with Shouting that he get what he want
    All ask what you get Naksh says That He Got Krishna Luxury Resort letter
    Naitik Hugs and everyone congratulate Him and rajshree Suggests That He Should Inform Keerti 1st He Says yes I will and why her only I will Inform Kaira and whole family  but he has to go to Sing the Paper Everyone Oppose him to go because Mehandi Function at Evening
    Naitik tells him Only One Condition You have To take Keerti with You He Gets shock But he is Scare to ask Dadi But naitik says You are Son-in-law Go and ask with Attitude Rajshree glares Him  and Naksh leaves
    Here at Goenka House
    Naira and Kartik came down and Kartik Sees on Video in his Phone from Rakhi Day he about to Play But Dadi came and Throws Order on Everyone and she About to shout on Naksh But Stops when she realizes Naksh tells her to be calm Down
    Everyone tease him that he came so Early for Mehandi he informs about Krishna Everyone Congratulate Him and he says he wants to take Keerti and Kaira with him

    Dadi Oppose and says can’t you do this Tomorrow Kartik and Manish tell That he is so happy and Want to take Keerti with him we should send them Mehandi will Grow in her hand
    Somehow Dadi agree and Says Sorry But naksh Says No need to Sorry Dadi Says Kartik to bring jewellery when they came back
    Keesh and Kaira leaves
    Here at Singhnia House Excited Karishma takes the Mehnadi Plate and That Slips from her hand

    Dadi bua asks where we will get Shagun’s mehandi Bhabhi maa says Some Mehandi is left and There SuhaSani Ji will Arrange Organic Mehandi
    Here Keesha and Kaira are in car and they are coming Back from resort and Naksh Notices Keerti is caressing File and Kaira are Lost in each other they are feeding Each other
    Keerti Gives something Eat to naksh who opens His Mouth and Keerti feeds him with her hands
    Suddenly they See Traffic Jam and Police inform them That Oil Tank Accident on bridge 

    Naira Video call To Dadi Who ask what happened.
    Kartik narrates what happened and Dadi Says That why I Said No Naksh Says Sorry but Dadi Says Mehandi will start after you all come
    Kartik says we will see something

    Precap: Naksh’s car Break Down  and  they all came out and stuck in heavy Strom

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