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  • Friday, 22 September 2017

    Neil At Rang Mahal to Save Avni Naamkarann U me Tv 22nd September Video WU

    Written Update :

    Segment Start with Neil Takes The Search warrant and He reaches Rang Mahal with Police team 
    Police team Starts their Search They Search every room to find out anything about Avni, Juhi and Other Girls 

    On the Lobby Area Neil is Talking to DD about what they will do next one Police Men came and inform that No Body is Here Neil got angry and He Turn around and Punch on the wall and Kick Too 
    Where he Punches is A Secret Door and On The Otherside Avni Juhi and Other Girls are tied with Ropes and Also Their Mouth is tied So they can't Say or Scream 

    But Avni Listen the Punch and She tries hard to shout but No Success She Somehow Opens her rope and Run to that wall and Shout Neil's name But he is Gone from there 
    She Opens the Door Very carefully and comes out and She sees Neil is walking down from Stair 
    She About to Shout But Amol came from Behind 

    He put his hand on Her mouth and takes her inside again 
    Reporter Says When brother is Like this avni Don't have to need any Enemy 
    In offscreen Amol Neil and DD are having Fun Amol shares how he Stopped Avni and he takes her to any site Neil aka zain Laughs over this 

    Neil aka Zain Imam Shares That There will be a Big twist in upcoming and that will be huge on Dasherra when they will be inside the Big ravan and how Guru maa and Dayawanti will be revealed in front of the world 
    He Shares that This new Scene will Be huge like Kaali Maa Sequence 

    Must watch this Segment (Youtube Link )

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