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  • Thursday 18 May 2023

    "Anupamaa Slips and Comes into Anuj's Arms, Maaya's Fake Acting of Sick " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 18th May 2023


    "Anupamaa Slips and Comes into Anuj's Arms, Maaya's Fake Acting of Sick " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 18th May 2023.

    "Anupamaa Slips and Comes into Anuj's Arms, Maaya's Fake Acting of Sick " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 18th May 2023.

    The episode begins in the Shah house. After Anuj enters with Maaya and Anu, Anupama walks inside the house too.


    Vanraj follows him. Anupama tries to smile and asks everyone to stop being upset. Kinjal and Kavya agree and ask everyone to cheer up. Leela questions Anuj and Maaya if they have gotten married. She asks Anu to tell them the status of Anuj and Maaya’s relationship. Hasmukh warns her to stop. Anupama goes to bring the sweets from the temple when Anuj, Anu, and Maaya sit together.

    Anupamaa 18th May 2023 Today's Episode Written Update


    Anupama sits behind them. Kavya recalls and tells Kinjal that Anuj and Anupama sat together in the previous puja. Pakhi feels bad for Anupama and tells Paritosh that she might be facing difficulties witnessing Anuj and Maaya together. Adhik tells Barkha that Anuj and Maaya made the situation awkward. Barkha wonders if Anuj stays back even after the marriage.


    Ankush asks Anuj if he’s fine. Anuj just nods his head. Barkha texts Maaya about how she is. Maaya tells her that she’s fine as Anuj is with her and taking good care. Dimpy asks Samar about the environment of their wedding. He tells her that she should have thought about it before calling Anuj. The Pandit asks Anupama to bring flowers. She gets lost in her thoughts. When asked again, she goes to bring the flowers and then triples on the mat.


    Anuj holds her and stops her from falling. They both share a moment that suffocates Maaya. Maaya calls Anuj and tells him that she’s feeling very uneasy. 

    Anuj leaves Anupama and gives water and medicine to Maaya. Everyone is taken aback by his behavior. Anu asks Maaya if she’s fine. Everyone is shocked when Anu calls Maaya to be Maa. Vanraj asks Anupama to bring more flowers.


    Anupama goes to a room. Her heartbeat goes fast. She feels broken by Anuj and Anu’s change of behavior. She sits on the floor and then stands up. She consoles herself not to cry but be strong enough to face this situation. Kavya enters the room. Anupama hugs her. Kavya asks her if she’s fine though she is not. She reminds her that she has to be fine.



     Anupama praises her for looking beautiful which suits her modeling career. Kavya tells her that she has taken a break from it and decided to work behind the camera. Anupama gets worried for her. Kavya tells her that everything is fine. She congratulates her for going to America. She admits to her that she’s an inspiration for her. She admires Anupama for flying high with Malti Devi. She asks her to move forward leaving behind her past.



    Anupama advises her to choose her happiness beyond everything. Pakhi enters the kitchen and tells Kinjal that she cannot tolerate Anuj’s nonsense anymore. Kinjal asks her to calm down. Pakhi tells her how Barkha and Maaya are texting in the middle of everyone. She wonders how Anuj and Anu changed so much that they have forgotten about Anupama’s feelings.


    When she breaks down into tears, Dimpy enters the kitchen and asks her why she’s crying. Pakhi blames her for calling Anuj and Maaya to the wedding functions. Dimpy tells her that she hasn’t called Maaya but only Anuj. When both of them argue, Kinjal asks them to stop. She warns them not to spoil the function. Anuj talks to Dheeraj over the phone and tells him that he will talk to him later. Vanraj arrives there and asks him not to play the drama with his new family.


    Anuj asks him not to get hyper unnecessarily as he had already gone through a heart attack. Leela sits beside Kanta. Vairabi gives a glass of water to Kanta. Leela praises her for being a nice girl and calls her lucky for going to America with Anupama. She then asks Vairabi to pick up the flowers and asks Kanta if she’s fine. Kanta tells her that she feels like taking Anupama away but cannot as it’s her son’s wedding.


    Leela feels bad for Anupama. After the puja gets over, the pandit ji asks the son’s parents to come forward for the puja. Leela insists them sit on the puja together too. Vanraj tells Anupama that if she’s comfortable then only they will sit for the puja together.


    Precap For Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 18th May 2023 :

     Anupama and Vanraj sit for the puja with Anuj and Maaya. Later, Maaya suggests everyone divide the functions between the Shah house and Kapadia house. As Anupama stays silent, Maaya tells everyone that she wouldn’t have any problem coming to the Kapadia house.

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