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  • Monday 8 May 2023

    "Anupamaa Gets Call That Anuj Never Come to her and Stay In Mumbai, Anupamaa's Final Decision" Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 8th May 2023


    "Anupamaa Gets Call That Anuj Never Come to her and Stay In Mumbai, Anupamaa's Final Decision" Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 8th May 2023

    "Anupamaa Gets Call That Anuj Never Come to her and Stay In Mumbai, Anupamaa's Final Decision" Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 8th May 2023.

    The episode begins at Kanta’s house. Ankush greets Anupama. Pakhi asks Barkha and Adhik why they have come to ruin the celebration.


    Barkha tells her that they are Anupama’s relatives and apologizes to her. Pakhi asks Samar to note down the time as Barkha will change her mood very soon. When Adhik asks her to behave, Pakhi asks him to wait and watch how Barkha’s attitude changes. Barkha apologizes to Anupama for breaking her trust again. Meanwhile, Vanraj, Leela, and Paritosh arrive there too.


    Anupamaa 8th May 2023 Today's Episode Written Update

    Hasmukh gets irritated seeing them. Leela tells him that they might be selfish but not Anupama’s enemy. Vanraj tells them that they want to be a part of Anupama’s happiness. Kanta tells Leela, Vanraj, and Kavya that they aren’t well-wishers of Anupama but still allows them to join them in the celebration. Vanraj smiles weirdly and so does Barkha. Anupama calls Anuj but his phone is still off. She then calls the airport authority to check on the status of the flight Anuj boarded.


    She gets to know that the flight has landed. Everyone gets excited and congratulates Anupama. Kanta senses something weird seeing Vanraj and Barkha. Anupama keeps waiting for Anuj in the evening. She worries about Anuj’s whereabouts. She feels there’s something wrong. Barkha tells her that she’s trying Maaya’s call to know about Anuj. She gets Maaya’s phone switched off and feels it to be strange. Anupama’s heart beats fast. Barkha goes inside the house to drink water.


    Ankush tells her that Anupama is afraid and wonders where Anuj is. He doesn’t want Anupama to be broken again. Barkha tells him that Anuj might not want to come due to his guilt. Anupama feels restless waiting for Anuj. She recalls how Anuj used to write her name everywhere he goes and watches the wall where he had written her name. Samar informs Anupama that Anuj didn’t board any flight from Mumbai to Ahmedabad.


    He tells her that he might board a flight in the night. Anupama gets numb and hopes for his safety. Kavya wonders why Anuj didn’t come. Kinjal worries if he has been into some problems. Pakhi hopes for everything to go well. Leela wonders if Anuj has changed his mind again. Kanta asks her to think positively.



    Kinjal tells her that there must be some other reason for Anuj not coming. Kanta tells Anupama that there is something that cannot be seen but felt. Anupama goes nervous and asks her if Anuj has changed his mind. Kavya asks her not to worry as Anuj will come. Anupama decides to go to Mumbai. Everyone tries to console her. Ankush tells her that he will book a flight the next morning.


    Anupama is stubborn and wants to go to Mumbai right then. She screams when everyone tries to stop her. As she decides to leave, her phone rings. Pakhi gives her the phone. Anupama receives the call and asks him if Anu and he is fine. 

    She gets relieved when gets to know that they are fine. She asks him where he is. She goes numb hearing something from Anuj. Everyone asks her where Anuj is. Anupama tells them that Anuj might never come back.





    Kanta asks her what Anuj exactly said to her. Anupama tells her that Anuj has decided to stay back in Mumbai and doesn’t want to come back to her as his happiness is with Anu and Maaya. Leela blames Anuj for getting trapped by Maaya. Pakhi guesses it to be Maaya’s plan to blackmail Anuj using Anu. Samar gets angry at Anuj and decided to bring him from Mumbai.


     Bhavesh criticizes Anuj for crossing all his limits. When Hasmukh calls Anuj to question him for his behavior, Anupama takes the phone from him and disconnects it. She asks everyone not to call Anuj or go to Mumbai to meet him. She makes it clear that she doesn’t want anyone to talk about Anuj in front of her. She tells them that neither she asked Anuj anything nor he said anything except not wanting to stay with her. Vanraj asks her not to worry as they are with her.


     He suggests her come to the Shah house. Anupama asks him to stop and tells him that neither she wants to go to the Kapadia mansion nor the Shah house because she doesn’t need Anuj or Vanraj in her life. When Leela calls her poor woman for getting her heart broken, she screams at her as if she’s not a poor woman and decides to live on her own.


    Precap For Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 9th May 2023 :

     Anupama gets excited about her admission at Malti Devi’s dance gurukul and tells Kanta about it. Kavya leaves the Shah house. Vanraj gets unconscious and falls on the floor.

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