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  • Tuesday 9 May 2023

    "Anupamaa Decides Not to Cry and Wait for Anuj, Kavya to Leave Shah House " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 9th May 2023


    "Anupamaa Decides Not to Cry and Wait for Anuj, Kavya to Leave Shah House " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 9th May 2023


    "Anupamaa Decides Not to Cry and Wait for Anuj, Kavya to Leave Shah House " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 9th May 2023.

    Anupama leaves the living room. Samar bursts out in anger at Anuj and calls him a betrayer. Dimpy asks him to calm down as there must be some reason behind it.


     Samar rebukes Anuj for playing with his mother’s feelings. Vanraj tells them that Anuj had done everything on purpose to hurt Anupama. Kavya tells him that betraying someone is his expertise, not Anuj’s. Pakhi tells them that Anuj wanted to come back genuinely when she visited Mumbai but stopped because of Anu’s parents-teacher meeting. Hasmukh gets upset with Anuj for his behavior.

    Anupamaa 9th May 2023 Today's Episode Written Update


    Ankush decides to go to Mumbai and asks Anuj to explain his behavior. Anupama enters her room. Kanta switches on the light and holds her back. She asks Anupama why she didn’t ask Anuj for not coming back. Anupama tells her that the truth is the only reason and she doesn’t want to know anything else. She feels her that her journey with Anuj was still at this point.


    Kanta asks her if she’s fine. Anupama tells her that she’s not fine and wonders why she’s alive but decides not to open the book of Anuj. She wants to think about herself and move on in her life. She tells Kanta that she might be alone but enough for herself. The Shahs return to their house at night. Leela blames everyone for not listening to her when she asked them not to go to greet Anuj and Anupama.



    Hasmukh requests her to stop. Vanraj rebukes Anuj for not caring about Anupama who waited for him. Kavya and Kinjal feel that there must be some reason behind it as Anuj cannot hurt Anupama like this. Vanraj gets irritated with them for defending Anuj even after his attitude.


    Samar tells them that he’s not going to forgive Anuj for hurting Anupama. When Kavya still defends Anuj, Vanraj asks her to stop it. She tells him that everything that is said or heard is not the ultimate truth. She blames him for not understanding people and their emotions and not caring what she needs.


    Vanraj asks her what’s necessary for her. Kavya tells him that she needs him for whom she has left her ex-husband and took all the blames for marrying him. He tells her that he didn’t stop her from making her career. She tells him that he ruined her career twice. He insults her for her modeling career and now going out with Anirudh. She reminds him how Leela and he still wants Anupama to be the daughter-in-law of the Shah house. She tells him that he only loves Anupama.



    He tells her that she wouldn’t understand Anupama and his relationship. When their argument crosses all limits, Hasmukh asks them to stop. He gets frustrated with the chaos every day. Kinjal requests him to calm down. Pakhi comes back to the Kapadia mansion when Adhik blames her for ruining Anuj and Anupama’s relationship. She asks him to play the blame games later as her mother’s marriage is broken.


    She feels that Anuj must be in pain and couldn’t come back. Barkha tells her that Anuj is happy with Maaya and Anu as Maaya is not divided like Anupama. She asks her to stay at the Kapadia mansion if she wants or leave. When Adhik makes it clear that he’s staying in the Kapadia mansion, Pakhi too decides to stay back. Anupama cries at night remembering Anuj. As she turns around, she finds Vairabi awake.


    Vairabi tells her that she cannot sleep sometimes too and reminds her about the good memories spent with her father. Anupama tells her that they should remember the good memories when remembering a person. She asks her to always smile when remembering her father. Vairabi decides to fall asleep as she has wake up to sell vegetables. Anupama knows that she cannot stop loving Anuj but decides to give up on the hope of reuniting with him.


    She wonders why he didn’t tell her the reason but prays for Anuj and Anu’s happiness and safety. She decides to move on without Anuj. The next morning, Kavya comes into the living room with her luggage. Everyone is puzzled. Kinjal asks Kavya if she’s going somewhere. Kavya tells the family that she can live in this house forcefully but cannot in Vanraj’s life as he no longer wants her.


    She decides to leave the house permanently. Anupama tries to find something in the newspaper that a student gave to her regarding a cultural event. Kanta tells her that it’s with her. Anupama asks her not to talk about Anuj if she wants to. Kanta asks her to promise her something.


    Precap For Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 10th May 2023 :

     Anupama gets excited about her admission at Malti Devi’s dance gurukul and tells Kanta about it. Kavya leaves the Shah house. Vanraj gets unconscious and falls on the floor.

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