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  • Friday, 21 July 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 21st July Written Update

    Episode starts From Singhania House Where Bua Dadi Is Creating Scene and Everyone is tensed
    Dadi bua tells Naitik to Talk with Goenka’s But Naksh says That I Already accepted Their Proposal

    Everyone shocked to hear That Naksh Apologies to Naitik That he Didn’t Even Informed Him But Naitik Understands Him and Says Its Okay But Bua Dadi Says she Cant let This happen She asks that They are Pressuring You for this But he says that I know what I am Doing

    Dadi Bua Adamant That he wont let This happen
    Here Naira comes to Room she wants to talk to Kartik about her Not feeling okay with this marriage Thing But He is in Different mood he is Takes her in his Back and he Swings her Around and place her on bed
    He comes Near her and she Blind Folds him and They Play Game He Searches her But She is Sitting On Bed
    After Not Finding her he Opens Blind fold and Jump on bed
    both takes pillows and acted like Hiting But In the End Both throw and they Lost In their Love

    Here Naksh is Depressed About marriage Thing he is Lying on Bed and Naitik comes and ask why are You So Nervous But its Okay I was Nervous Like This Gayu too says Same
    Naitik says All will be Okay They Tease Him That tell You Love Story to us
    Gayu too ask he Shrugs off But They Insisted
    He Started That How they met on Naira’s Engagement Then naira’s marriage But thy Stops Him and ask that Why are To Linking everything to Naira We are talking about You and Her Not naira
    He Stuns They Excuse and Left Naksh Scold himself that he has to control This Otherwise everyone will Know
    Dadi Calls Bhabhi Maa who says they all are Okay with this Proposal Dadi is So happy and she Tells her That For Kirthi and Naksh She keeps one Pooja Please send Naksh tomorrow

    Kirthi Gives Flowers to naira and she asks why..She says For everything You did for me from the Day One
    You Gives me Inspiration You gives me Hope and Because of You I met with Naksh
    She Hugs her and Kartik comes to Them and Hugs Them Love Kush Too Join Them
    Dadi calls Naira for Something Naira is frowning
    Here everyone Is behind Naksh to go and Attend Pooja But He is Denying that I have Meeting
    Gayu and Karishma Give Him Gifts and Sweets Mishti is Saying get Flowers too But He Left By Saying That I cant Go and He run from there dadi Bua Notices this

    Everyone at Goenka House is Worried That naksh isn’t come yet..Kirthi is Hiding Behind Pillar
    Naira gets calls and dadi Asks What happen
    Naira Slowly Says Bhai Has prefixed Meeting he Left for There

    In car Naksh is Panicked That what If he wont Go and They Blamed Naira for This
    Dadi yelled at Naira That You call him and ask him to come
    Naira Sees Kirthi and she comes to Corner to call..She calls at office and Shocked to Listen there is No meeting
    Kartik comes to her and ask what happen But they hearted Naksh’s Voice
    He says Radhe Krishna
    Manish Says We Thought That You wont Come You have Meeting he says Meeting got cancelled
    Naira Thinks why Bhai is Doing This
    Dadi tells Naira To Start..Naksh about to come inside But dadi Stops Him and says We will do Just You Do on Your Home
    Dadi Naira Sulekhna did Arti and Naksh and Akhilesh Lift Him and come Inside..Kirthi is Seeing all This

    Kartik drags her with Him and make her sit with him
    Dadi Did Pooja and gives him Gifts..All Showers Flowers on them and they Clapped Around them and dance too and In The End They take Selfie

    Precap : Pandit Informs That Marriage should happen in End of this Month
    Dadi ask What is In Your heart Kirthi
    Kartik is saying that I have Objection Because I want them to Spend time with Each Other


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