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  • Friday, 21 July 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st July Written Update

    Episode Starts with

    Same Scene from yesterday Kids aks Sona to Pass the Ball to Dev and He Leaves from there
    Suhana Asks Why Papp Left Golu Asks Did Bug Cha Hurt You She Says No Your Big Cha Never Hurt anyone
    Vikcy Gets Thakkar Message That Are You Scared from Dev Do what ever You want But Early

    Sona comes Elena and she complaint That He Follows me Everywhere how can He Work
    Elena says If someone do This for Me I will be Mad
    She Says That He Took Loan for New Software How Will It Go
    Elean tells her to Forget Everything,.Vikcy listen Their convo and Smiles That If Dev will be Behind her Then he can complete His Job

    Dev Opens eyes and sees That Photo and Smiles But Panicks when he Doesn’t See Sonakshi
    He comes down and asks About Sonakshi to Mamiji Who Says she went to Drop Kids and Nikki
    Vikcy Listen This

    Dev Sees Sona in tracker
    He comes out and Vicky Informs Him That White Car have some Break Problem
    He Panicks and Take His Bike and Follows Her Route In Mid Way he sees Soankshi is helping One Accident Person and he Panicks and Shouts Sonakshi Who Sees him and Run to Him
    He Yells at her That Why didn’t You Woke me Up what if Something happen Sonakshi try to make HimUnderstand But he Says You are Not Going to Work Just Get Back Home

    Here Vikcy is Talking to Hacker and He completed work and Gets Entry In Dev’s Laptop’s password
    he Connected Pen Drive 


    Golu Blackmails Suhana Over Cheating Matter
    Sona and Dev came Back and elena asks what happen
    Sona Replied That Dev is Going so possessive His Love This Behaviour is not Good for Over relationship and Elena Looks behind and they Shokced to See Dev is Listing them and He Is So Agnry
    Here Dev comes to Room and Thinking About Same
    Ishwari comes to Him and Calls His Name Two Three Time
    Dev Asks when You come She says when I come To Know My Child is Disturbed

    He comes and Put His Head on her Lap and She asks what You want to ask
    She Says I Know You are not Wrong Just Thinks Like That When In Childhood I used to Go on work left You alone But I have Faith On God
    He complained That She doenst want to Understand My Love
    She Says No She Loves You too But You Both have Different Prospective of Love
    She tried to make Him Understand
    Here Vicky is In Cabin and someone comes to Room with Files
    Vikcy Hides and That Person Left that File Which  is so Important
    When They Left Vikcy takes Out pen Drive and Left
    Here at Bose House All Are waiting and Sourabh is Giving water to Ronita so She Can Go to Toilet
    And She Goes and They All are waiting for her
    Bijoy teases Sourabh

    Here Sona comes to Dev to talk But he says I don’t want to talk..She Says You have Listen Half Things
    You cant Make Assumption Over This

    He Shouts for You My Feeling Never important 
    You cant do for me what i can Do for You 
    If You tell me To Die I can But You cant

    Bose House 

    Ronita tells everyone her pregnancy. All get very happy After Hear This 

    Elena while keeping Vicky’s clothes in his cupboard finds a Pen-Drive and wonders what Inside in 

    Vicky Puts Fire when He says Dev that Why Sona Bhabhi is Always Out 

    Dev Informs him about Leaking and Vikcy Frowns over it. 
    on breakfast table Elena Asks Vikcy About Pen drive and He Shouts on her Dev Support Vikcy while taunting same on Sonakshi

    Precap : Sona asks dev Without even Asking You questioned so Many Thing On My Love
    He Says You always Hold Back Your Emotions She says for You if i have to Do 1000 times i will do 

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