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  • Monday, 10 July 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 10th July 2017 Written Update

    Dadi is Instructing Sulekhna That You come with kirthi But Don’t let Naira Knows About This
    Naira come to Room and Knock on Door But Dadi Said I cant Meet right Now come later and Told Sulekhna that this is not my Intention
    Here Naira is Thinking That Should I call Him what if he Got angry And Suwarna comes with Chocolate and Said Eat This..This will Solve Your problem
    Naira Sees Kirthi is ready for Going Somewhere and She Asked Where Are You Going
    She replied that Dadi Told me To Do Daan That’s why going temple Sulekhna said I am going with her and She Gave her to handle Love Kush

    At Temple
    Dadi is waiting for Kirthi and Sulekhana But She is shocked to See Naira with them
    Naira and Kirthi are Busy in Their chat and Here Dadi Scold Sulekhna..Sulekhna said Naira comes her own I tried hard to top but she is Stubborn
    They come inside temple and Surprised to see Bhabhi maa and Nakhs inside
    Dadi is Worried and Sharing this to Sulekhna
    They Greet Each other and Bhabhi maa Apologies Dadi Said I don’t want to talk about that You do Your work and I will Do My Own
    Naira asked Dadi what Happen Looking Stressed Dadi Said No I am Fine But She is Thinking all Are here But I will do what I have Decided

    Pandit Told Kirthi that to Put something Inside Havan and Her Clothe about to Caught fire But Naksh reached there and Caught that Clothe and Kirthi is Just admiring Him and Difference between How Aditya behaved and How Naksh is Behaving She is Lost But Putting Stuff inside
    Dadi is Seeing all this her eyes Stuck on them Naira see and Thinks That Oh God Dadi Must be taken In Other Direction
    Dadi comes to Kirthi and she comes Out of her Dream and Goes with Dadi
    Sulekhna asked Dadi About their Arrival and Dadi is worried how She will meet in front of others

    There On office Manish and Akhilesh Saw Kartik is Angry on Something and Akhilesh Said That May be they fought

    Manish is concerned that he is Still Kid Akhilesh Said That You also Like That When You fought You always Burst Your Anger on Staff Manish Glared him…and Left Manish Takes Out phone and In confusion to call or not
    Suwarna is Standing in front of That Cupboard which have gifts and she is in Deliemma to Open Gift or not ? she Shut door and Got hurt and In tears she Said That I got this This is right if anyone come to know This All will be Hurt Most Manish Ji

    Here At temple Pooja Started and One By One all are Performing

    After Naira..Kirthi takes from her hand and She Did Aarti..Dadi is Watching Time and she left from their
    Kirthi passes Aarti to Naksh and Naira is Praying That Make this two happy
    Naira Sees a Girl Alone Crying she reached to her and ask where is Your Mumma she takes that Girl and Asking everyone
    Dadi is searching Too…Naira Searched That Girl’s parents and She About to leave when she heard Someone is talking is That Girl is divorcee and Have a lot of money With Girl That Money too comes

    Naira Said People Like this are Disgusting she about to left But She Heard that Family has come To meet that Other Family But She Thinks that she shouldn’t interfere in other family
    She Turned Around and Shocked to See That Dadi is Meeting that Family with Kirthi’s photo In her hand
    Dadi Too turned and Shocked to See Naira is Watching her..naira comes to her and Greets that family and For her shocked Naira Said Dadi Praised Your Family So much and I am so happy that You are Agree on this Marriage We don’t want Elaborating Marrige Simple Marriage and We also Against Dowry In My marriage They didn’t take any thing
    That family is shocked to Listen this

    When Dadi asked that we should let them Meet That Family Said We want some Time
    Dadi said I come to know You want Money and Naira Said Police will Give You
    They run from there and Naira Said Dadi I listen Their Talk that They want money
    Dadi About to Say Something But naira Said That You don’t have to Say Something I am Just Saying that what You wanna do Just do But Not In Hurry otherwise we will get Proposal like Aditya’s

    Kirthi reached and asked why are You here
    Naira makes Excuse and That Dadi is Just worried Kirthi Hugged her and Said don’t worry Dadi Everything will be Fine

    Dadi and Sulekhna are Talking and Same time they Saw That Kirthi’s Thaal Diya is about to Off in Air Juts Naksh reached their  and cover with his hands
    Dadi noticed them carefully
    Naksh is asking that Did You caught fire and he Started applying cream to her hand Dadi smiles over This
    Here naira is Praying To God That Please Finish Kartik’s anger

    Precap : naira is trying to Pacify Kartik In His Office 

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