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  • Monday, 10 July 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th July 2017 Written Update

    Golu and Suhana comes to wake Up Dev and he asked why are You Both Fighting ?

    They Said That Golu Said he is Superman and Suhana Is Saying she is Superwomen
    Vicky came to take Both and Golu said That I am More Strong then You
    Both Dev and Vicky talk over Morning Walk and Vicky teased dev that You are Old Now
    While Going Back Vicky talked about ishwari’s Job and he Complain About Sona That What Sona Said Ishwari maa is Doing
    Dev Said I thought You care for Maa that’s why You come here But if You come here for Sona’s complaint Then Please leave Vicky stunned to listen this

    Here  Sona is Showing Some Dress to ishwari But She is Lost In Dev’s mail he sent I love you maa
    Sona sit with Ishwari and She takes her to Dev’s Room
    Dev is Surprised to see her and she caresses Both Dev and Sona Lovingly Dev Said Best of Luck
    Sona Hugged him and Said Proud of You

    Ishwari comes to Office and she Met with Lakshya and She said Sorry For Not Informing You

    Lakshya Said Its ok then Ishwari narrated him that Her Son has now don’t problem with her working He listen carefully

    Sona and dev are Watching Movie and sona is Feeding Him chips but His Mind is somewhere else
     She asked what happen then he Shared that Vicky Run 7km
    Dev is worried for himself fand he asked sona to make a diet chart for him But She Teased him So Much
    They Spend a Quality Time Together

    Ishwari gives lakshya her own food I office and She tries to pick up the video call by Dev and speaks to both of them showing her office. 
    At Home Ishwari is pakcing her own tiffin along with Dev Sona’s and some for Lakshaya too. Dev gets angry and jealous Too that Ishwari is taking food for her boss. Sona and Elena are making Fun of dev in Kitchen 
    The same morning Dev and Sona start for the office and Sona makes fun of him for being so jealous. Dev told sona that he wants to see Ishwari’s office. here Mamaji makes fun of Radha Rani who’s trying her hands on Lappy

    Vicky shouted on Elena and she asked Why Are You Shouting and who’s anger you are Bursting on me
    She Said He is Your Brother
    He shouted that He Said That he and sona are One Unit But he never Said When My Mother was Handling This House
    My Own child Told him That he Is Stronger and God Knows what
    Elena tried to Make Him Understand But he said Nothing and left

    Sona and Dev reached ishwari’s Office and Dev Read Office Name NIL

    Sona remembers that Nikki Informed her About This company and app
    And Sona Informed Dev and he is Shocked and he asked that Maa is intern in lakshya’s Office
    Sona consoled him that This may be work positive for us That maa Knows Lakshya as Boss so she will accept Him
    Dev Said What if It Back fire what if maa will See Nikki with Lakshya in office What will Happen to her
    But dev said This Situation will Be Better That Maa accept lakshya as She Knows Him as Boss
    Dev asked Sona so what will we do ?
    Sona Said I will Talk to Maa

    Dev is Observing Ishwari and he asked Howz Your Day
    She Excitedly Narrated him that She Leart Excel
    Dev asked Did anybody Told You Anything All is Okay Naa?
    Ishwari Said yes All This well and Anybody Ask me For My Opinion

    Sona comes To Ishwari and gave her Coffee and Sona Said maa I Am Talking with Nikki Now A days and She is in Love with Someone ishwari is Stunned to Listen this

    Precap : Dev and sona Asked ishwari about Preparation ishwari informed Them That her Daugters are coming and She Asked Nikki to take His Boyfriend with Him Devakshi are Shocked 

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