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  • Tuesday, 18 July 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 18th July Written Update

    Ishwari is worried and Dve calls and Informs her That I Know You will be worried and sonakshi is with me
    There In Car They Say In Unison That we wont tell this To Maa

    Here elena is in Lost and Radha Rani asks what happen She Says Nothing,,Seeing Dev is Drinking Radha rani Scold Him
    Vicky asks Elena to come To room he wants to Talk Something
    Radha Rani senses Something She Asks Elena what Happen Between You two

    Elena Says Nothing left To talk
    Vicky Tells Radha Rani that he will sort Out
    He comes to Elena and Tries to say Sorry But She is not Listing and she says You Insulted me
    Vicky Accuse Again Dev For Everything She says That You don’t Know Anything Other then This
    He Rises his hand and she Says Next Time I wont Tolerate and I wont Hesitate To take Step of Divorce
    Sona asks Dev that Can they Stop for Coffee and he Agrees

    Suarabh and Ronita came Back from Doctor’s cabin and Surprise to See Hall Decorated
    Asha an Bijoy Dressed come to them and They Inform that They completed Their Marriage ‘s  7th Rule and You Spoiled our first Night Asha Blushed

    Here Dev Stops The car and sona About to come Out But Dev stops her and Goes to Goes to her side and Opens The Door for her and He walks so closly with her
    Even He Seat with Her hand in His

    Waiter comes with Cofee and he Puts One Hand On Her Shoulder Trying to Protect her He Caresses her Hair Sona is Confused Looking at Him Like This

    Sourav asks  Ronita That if Bijoy and Asha prepared all of it for them. Ronita says yes. Saurabh becomes very happy. 
    Neha, Riya and Nikki bid bye to Ishwari,ishwari tells Radha Rani about Online Vegetable Buy Option and Other Thing related to Mail and Internet Dev ask Her to drop office but She says She Will manage  

    Here Sona has a meeting on a business purpose and That Person has Some Doubt Here Dev keeps calling her she is Cutting the Call and She takes one Time and Replied that She is Busy But Dve calls That Person and Told Him that She is His wife  
    His Doubt Cleared and He tells her that dev is waiting for her Downstair
    Sh comes and Argus him that She wants By her own 

    Dev tells her that it is not his mistake that she is his wife. Sonakshi gets angry  over this But Agrees to Go with Him

    Vicky is talking to Someone and Other person is warning Him That There is Hih Camera Security In His Cabin
    Vikcy Replies That I have Setup Everything But That Person Doubt on him That May be Both Brothers are making Him Fool But Vicky assure Him
    Vikcy takes Out Hidden camera and and he is Searching Place where to hide
    He Looks here and There and he Sit on Dev’s chair and Put his Legs on Table and says Dev dixit count your days Now
      Here dev and sona are walking into Office and Dev Enters and Seeing Him Vikcy walks to Him and Ask Some Audit report and he left Dev Sits on His Chair
    Here ishwari Goes to Office and people surprise to See ishwari There

    Lakshya Too come and Ask what a Surprise she says I come to take My Resignation Back If You Have Space ..he interrupted that  No One take Your Place
    She Says That In This Office You will be My Boss and I will Be Just intern I don’t want House’s Thing come here
    He Assure her That Nothing will be Happen Like This I promise You But I have One condition Don’t Address me AAP
    She Nods As Same as Him Awesome

    Here All cheers for Sonakhi That She Begs This Big Project and Dev Thinks That Miss Bose You Should be Happy But dont worry i will give You So Many Reason to Be Happy 

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