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  • Tuesday, 18 July 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 18th July Written Update

    Episode start with

    Naksh is Semi-unconscious and Everyone Asking Him Bhabhi maa worried why he is not Saying Anything
    Naira Informs that Medicine effect and She Informs He might be Thinking while Walking Because Car was Unlocked
    Every one Stunned to Listen this Naitik Says May be he was worried Bhabhi Maa says Someone’s Evil eyes on him Let me Get All the Thing for Nazar utarna

    Dadi bua jumps and Says yes yes Someone Evil’s Eye and She Looks at Kartik Whos Jaw is tight and she Says I Mean Go Get all the Things
    But Same Time Suhasni comes with All the Things and she Says when I hear about I cant resist myself and comes
    Kaira Stunned to see Kirthi too..Dadi Did All Things and Bhabhi Maa thanked her
    Sulekhna says about they Bring Kirthi and Naira Stops them By Saying that She Isnt talked yet and Singhanias are Clueless Dadi bua is Making faces  

    Dadi Says I will Be here with Naksh and Kirthi You Stay with me..Kartik and Dadi bua are Stunned But all Agrees and Naira Stay with Too in that Room
    On Downstairs Dadi Bua is Arguing why they Listen to Suhasini and she Decided to tell them truth
    Here in RooM Kirthi Sit beside Him and he Held her Hand and He is Blabbering In Sleep
    He takes Kirthi’s name in Sleep and Dadi is Smiling Over This
    Sulekhna is Happy and she says See Naira he is Taking Kirthi’s name Only Just Like Kartik did
    Naira is worried and Dadi Assure her that She wont talk About This let him be Conscious 1st
    Dadi Bua Comes to room with Juice and She Put with Loud Sound and same Time Naksh Get conscious and Dadi Bua Makes faces when She Sees Naksh hand in Kirthi’s
    Naksh Left her Hand and Dadi bua comes to Sit Beside Him and Told Goenka to leave But Dadi Says I will Stay Here
    Naira Begged Dadi Bua Not to Create Scene
    Naksh tried to say something and Sulekhna went to Inform Everyone

    Naksh asks Are You Okay naira and Kirthi Thinks that he is Still Thinking about Other
    Naksh is thinking how can I say that I Know everyone
    Everyone comes to Room and ask Naksh howz this happen
    Kartik Says Now we should Leave and Take Him Rest
    Manish calls Naitik to ask about His health
    Suwarna Sends Message Naira to ask about Naksh
    Here Dadi is Saying she will Keep Pooja for Naksh..Bhabhi Maa thanked her
    Dadi bua Directly Told Goenka To leave and Everyone shocked
    Dadi says yes We will leave Just let me Inform About Pooja
    Kartik comes to Naira and Told her to talk with Dadi bua because he doesn’t want Kirthi To get Embarrassed before Everyone

    Naira Walks to Dadi Bua and takes her to Corner and Told her not to say Anything
    But She Burst on Her that Your Dadi is Doing drama for Trapping you and Lalla if You say No For This Marriage Then You will Suffer and if You Say yes then lalla will Suffer Lifetime
    Naira says I will handle No One is Trapping anyone  
    Dadi bua gives her warning and Naksh listen all this and Naira’s helpless Situation too
    He Prays God How he will handle This Thing
    Kartik comes to Naira and ask You talked with her ?
    She Says yes and she says I will Stay here tonight
    He Says Okay I don’t want any Mistake Like last Time
    She Assures him and Left with her
    Naksh comes to Room and frustrated
    Here Dadi told her to stay here and On right time talk to talk Naira says she will when She Got Time Dadi Glare her
    Naira Goes to Kartik and ask do you trust me I will handle
    He Says yes I do but Still I am worry
    They left and Bhabhi Ma praising Suhasini..Dadi bua Cant take More and Burst That they are Doing for their Reason
    Naira tries to change Topic But Dadi Bua Says I Know what Your Dadi are doing

    All asks what is She Doing ?
    Dadi bua Says Now I will Say Everyone truth But naira Begged Her but she Says That Suhasini wants Kirthi’s marriage with our lalla
    Everyone shocked to listen this

    Precap : Dadi Bua Says if You don’t trust me ask naira they Send rishta Via Naira…All Looks at her

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