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  • Wednesday, 19 July 2017

    Avni's answer Broke Neil's Heart He Cries Naamkarann U me Tv 19th July Video WU

    Lost In Each Other Avni and Neil are Thinking to Stay forever With Ecah other

    They are In Neil’s Office and They held Each other Hands
    She is Sitting on Chair and he is Sitting On table

    But What Will You See Now That Scene He is Watching Her as Last time

    Actually Avni come to Police Station with Food for Neil and he is Eating In front of her

    She Says In interview I don’t to Go and Take Food for her But Shweta Forced me To Go

    And I hate Bhindi

    Neil is Eating and he asked her to Eat with Him But She Says I hate Bhindi

    He says I have something for You and Peon comes with Poha from Ali’s café and she is Stunned and Surprised to See Poha and she is So happy

    Reporter Says That Now You Understand That why He Ordered Poha from Ali’s Restaurant

    One Scene where Neil ask Avni about Ali and Her Answer Broke His Heart

    He Says In Interview that I wont Tell Anything About This 

    We tell You what he Asked he asks her That You Still Love Avni She Says  yes and Tears Slips from His Eyes 

    Must watch this Segment 

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