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  • Wednesday, 19 July 2017

    Shivaay Throws Water On Anika's Face Ishqbaaaz BTDD/Tellytop 19th July Video WU

    Written Update

    Segment Start with Bhvya collect Proof against Ragini who is Showing Her Fake State and Clinging on Shivaay every time she Gets opportunity 

    She Told Shivaay That Sidharth her Boyfriend is Responsible for Her This State she is Crying and Hugging Him

    There Bhavya Shows Her Sidharth  Pic from Social Media That was 2 years Old and she Digg Out From Information ABout Him That

    He Settled in USA two Years ago That Means Ragini is Fooling Shivaay  

    Anika Says in Her Interview That Now she will Do Tadibaazi and Will Show Ragini her real place That is Not Shivaay's Arm She Continued that Bhavya who is Not Commissioner 

     But She is Something in Police and she helped me To Get Proof Against Ragini 

    Because everytime I Tried to Talk Shivaay He didnt Believe me 

    Next Scene is Anika is Pacing From here to There and Shivaay Notices this and He comes to her and ask what Happened to You

    Why are You Tensed
    She didnt Said Anything That Makes Him Angry and he Held Her Hand But She Jerks And Goes to Ragini and tried to Drag Her On Corner 
    But Shivaay Stops her 
    Anika comes with Water But Shivaay Snatch her Throw on her Face 

    Must watch this Segment 

    Ishqbaaaz Dont Post This Video on insta... by raya-balh

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