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  • Friday, 7 April 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 7th April Episode 2359 Written Updates

    Episode Start with Singhania Prayed for naira as Today is her 1st Day at Susural

    Naira has Pooja Thali in hand and she is looking here there Dadi asked Start naira asked for Kartik
    Dadi told her that No one will come I am only who attends Pooja and Kartik doesn’t believe in Pooja and all 
    Naira surprised But She About to start But She Stopped Hearing recording of “Govind Bolo” Started on Speakers Kartik came and Stand beside her

    Here Singhania are Planning to give Surprise to Naira and Kartik

    Dadi told Naira to prepare any Small thing for Rasoi Rasam and asked Kartik to leave with her as Staff is there to help her
    They left and naira Thinks about what to make 
    Staff Whished addressed her as ma’am she told them not to say ma’am 
    Staff is helping Naira and Kirti came and asked what are you making 
    Nervous naira Replied I dnt know what to make ?? Kids came too for helping Naira 

    Kids asked Kavhori and Naira asked This Oily allowed they Shote yes 

    Here Kartik came to check on Naira But Kirti scold him That You woke up Now See Naira I think you ddnt slept 
    Kids Blurted That “Shadi ki raat Koi Sota hai Kya “
    Utensils slips from Naira and Kartik embarrassed too  
    Here naira Made tea for kartik and Kirti and Kirti Teased her By Asking Kartik how is Tea???
    Kartik Stammered Its Good 
    Kartik came and Stand near freeze and Naira slips but Kartik held her in Arms Kirti asked what happen Naira teased Kartik By Saying “mera paav So gaya “ she stressed word So gaya For kartik 
    Next naira asked Maid That Are we have “Soya Sauce and Now Kartik understand on soya sheis teasing him
    She again teased Him By Saying Kids That They must have Soooone wala Chavan Prash and Kartik Looked Down and he purposely hit on her shoulder and Whispered “tease me But Just wait for my Turn “

    Niara Arranged everything on table and Chachaji and Chachiji came by shouting That why ddnt our breakfast isn’t came in room
    Dadi Too Shouted that why breakfast isn’t made Seeing all Breakfast On table Dadi asked Why you make all this 
    Suwarna came to Support naira  But Daid told her that’s Not necessary Chachiji told that we Do Breakfast according Need and we do together when We want to discuss something 

    Kartik came and seeing all like that he asked What happened anything wrong ??
    Manish Said No lets do breakfast 
    All Seated and Naira Told That let me Serve But Dadi Stopped By her saying Lets wait for Aditya Its not just like kartik Who don’t have respect in his in-laws 
    Here Aditya came downstairs hurriedly and He told dadi and Other that he is Going he dnt have time 
    Dadi asked for breakfast but he denied and Left with Manish and Akhilesh 
    Dadi about to left Naira asked for Breakfast ?? Dadi told her That No I cant eat until manish eat and You Just for formality at at least you should ask once and don’t change routine from tomorrow saying that she left and Suearna kartik and Naira felt bed 

    Here Suwarna made Naira seat with Kartik and Kartik feeds Naira by his hands

    Naira Goes to Dadi with Green tea and Same time Kirti Manish came and Dadi asked Why Aditya Left ??
    Kirti told some Business trip 
    Dadi told at least you must know why he left without Breakfast 
    Kirti replied That I told Business trip 
    Dadi Shouted on kirti That Sometime I doubt on You 
    Naira Interrupted That Kirti told But dadi cut off her and asked Who told you to interrupt in between I told you Before and I am Saying again don’t came between in when Elders are Talking 
    Chachiji told Naira Now Don’t Complaint this to kartik he will be angry 
    Same Time Naksh Came and Naira about to run But She Stopped and Dadi told her to et ready for Pagphere 

    She Left and In room Kirti told Sorry for what happened  Suwarna came and Gift her Bengals but Kartik stopped her in between 

    Precap : Kartik told naira not to accept anything from suwarna and in anger Naira blurted that she Gave Promise to suwarna and kartik asked hat promise   

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