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  • Friday, 7 April 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 7th April Episode 289 Written Updates Live

    Live Updates will be Start from 9.30pm and will be Update in Every minute 

    Episode Start with 

    Saurabh Haldi’s Ceremony is Going on in Bose House and After Pooja all are applying haldi to Him and Golu and suhana are playing Bijoy Shouted to stay quite and accidently golu throw ball in and it falls on Bowl and Haldi spread on Dress 

    Bijoy Shouted him to come Downstairs and He Started Shouted on Golu That Is this place for Playing Cricket Who Told You To play here 
    Dev came to rescue and Bijoy shouted on him That How You will Handle Suhana like This You never become a Good Father 
    Dev Shouted back That Please Here Saurabh’s function is Going on other wise 
    Bijoy Asked what ?
    Dev told That I should have Played so That My Shot will be  Perfect 

    Bijoy Fumes what Do You mean By that 
    See asha if he say one word I will leave this Hosue 
    Dev Told That Than I will call taxi for You 

    Asha sighed and Dragged Dev and Bijoy in one Room and Told them to Solve Your Issue after than

    I will open the Door
    Dev and Bijoy Helplessly Set Dev tried to Knock but No response 
    Here All celebrated haldi Ceremony 
    Sona asked asha to open the Door But Asha Told if you have any problem I will Lock you too
    Jatin came and Asked If she needs any help she said if I want I will come to You He asked That Are You still angry or not 

    Here Dev and Bijoy argued and Accused each other 

    Elena and golu reach dixit House and Mamiji asked why are your eyes wet Elena told Golu to leave and Mamiji asked what happen but Elena Left 

    Mamiji after some Time try to Put venom in Golu’s head against Suhana and sona 

    Here Dev and Bijoy Still arguing and Bijoy had a idea of drinking and He take out his old scotch 

    Dev took scotch and gulp half after some Time Bijoy and Dev Fully drunk and They Started Playing truth or Dare 
    Bijoy Took truth and Dev asked why you hate me So much 

    Bijoy Told him truth That I loved Sona more than Saurabh But she loved You and You hurt my daughter That’s Why I hate you 

    Now Bijoy asked your Turn 
    Dev Told That I came here to Start Fresh and A new Life 

    Now Next Dev Dared Bijoy That Stop Hating me
    Bijoy denied and Dev told That Don’t punish me for my past deeds But you wont Because then whom you will Blame?
    Bijoy told him That One Day When suhana will Grow And she will love someone like You and when she will leave You than U realize
    Than Both looks at Bottle and Said in Unison that Kya Bakwas hai
    Dev asked Bijoy That No one is perfect Are You perfect Husband for asha Bijoy Fumes and Told dev to find a way to Go out from here
    Dev Told Bijoy that You have to lie That we have Sorted out everything and Just behave that We have Sorted Out Like You dnt address me Mr Dev and Behave normally
    Both Made A Deal to pretend like this and Shakes Hands
    Bijoy told but My family will find out dev said No They wont just pretend
    Here Asha came to woke him But he Denied and he told to stop music asha told no she ddnt played and she and Saurabh came to find out and Sona too come and They hear music from Locked Room
    They Opened The Door and Saw Dev and Bijoy are Dancing That’s shocked Three of them and Dev Dragged Suarabh too and He Started Dancing too
    Sona saw Empty bottle and Gesture Asha and Same Time Bijoy who is Dancing falls on floor

    Precap : Hospital Doctor came and told Sona that He is Out of Danger
    Dev Said Sorry to Sona but she cut off him by saying if anything happned to Baba I wont Forgive you neither suhana

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