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  • Thursday, 6 April 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 6th April Episode 289 Written Updates Live

     Live Written updates Start from 9.30pm When the Episode Will start 

    Episode Start with 

    Sona is typing on laptop and Dev came and asked “How much this Going “

    Sona asked “You are Disturbing me how far this will go “
    Dev Replied “That Jatin is always there why he is here Kya Lagta hai Chacha Mama What ??
    Sona replied “Bahut Kuch” and Angrily She Stands up and Told him That he was one Who carried Suhana before Me he was one who Handled her when She woke up at Night He was One When she Cried and now You come You are saying to tell Him to go ??
    Dev realized and Told her That Okay this is Your house you can decide Who stay who not but when Suhana will live in my house this wont happen and he left

    Here Golu informed Mamiji That Dev cooked Fish for suhana
    Shocked Mamiji replied you stay away from non-veg and she tried to put venom that Dev loved Suhana more than You Golu cut the call
    Mamaji and elena have argument

    Bose House

    Jatin is telling story to Suahana Dev came and asked him to leave and Jatin left 


    Jatin came out from suhana’s Room and  told Sona That he is Going for meeting
    Sona saw him and asked did Dev told you to leave ??and She herself made decision That How can he do this What right he have
    Jatin told her That He is Suhana’s father and He have all right and I don’t want to take Suhana and Dev Time

    Here Vicky came to out of Bose House and Saw Bijoy Both have Argument and Vicky told him how much time You will react like this soon we will be unite as Dev Bhai already in Your House and in no time he will win Everybody than you have to Agree and Accept me
    Bijoy remembers Asha took dev’s side
    He came inside and Told asha that he Brings all the Things She told him to bring
    Same time Jatin came with Bag in hand and Informed Both that he is Leaving for some business trip
    Fumed Bijoy Asked did dev Told you?? He denied and Bijoy Assume and Told him That I know This is Becoz of Dev and Asha Somehow convined him to stay Bijoy told asha That If Dev will anything he will leave house


    Sona woke up suhana and asked her to get ready Seeing dev is Sleeping and She Told suhana not to disturb Him suhana Silently kissed on his cheeks and Told Sona that She ddnt Disturb him
    Sona saw tea and She sipped tea and Praised tea
    Next Scene
    All the members on dining table for Breakfast  and All started Eating and When Suhana asked who made Breakfast all Saying That he made she made But Dev came and Told That He Made and also tea who sona sipped
    Bijoy made Face and Told asha that I will make Lunch But asha Laughed Dev told That he will help her if she needs any help
    He remembers How he work up early to make Everything for Suhana

    Dizit House
    Elena is Getting ready for Going to Bose House Mamiji came and Taunt her She Told That Sona asked her to come and if You tried to stopped I will tell Ishwari what were you doing with Golu She Shocked and Vicky there too shocked
    Bose House
    Dev is helping in Hosue hold work and here Ronita and Saurabh have argument for Honeymoon destination
    Ronita wants to go to USA and Saurabh tried to make her understand Dev talked with her and Promise her that He Will make Sure She will go to USA
    Bijoy remembered Vicky’s Taunt that Dev will Win everybody

    Bijoy Stopped Dev and Told him to stopped The Game You are playing 
    Dev tried to Change topic but Bijoy Stands up and Told Him that I know Asha is Already in your side 
    Now You are behind Saurabh and Ronita You are very good in Breaking heart and You already broke my Daughter’s  heart so stay away from my family member

    Guest are coming and Bijoy and asha are welcoming 
    Elena came and Meet with asha and takes her Blessing Bijoy Left without Giving Blessing 
    Dev came and meet her and Bijoy taunted him that Some people have now habit for inviting their Relative Dev lied And told him that she is my friend
    Elena asked why you lied You know Sona Invited me Dev told that He Doesn’t Want bijoy to angry on sona
    Jatin came and Greets her Dev Taunted Jatin and told elena that he is Sona’s Best friend 
    Jatin Frowns

    Precap : Ball Falls in haldi Bowl and Bijoy Shouted on Golu

    Dev told Him That he should Batting so his shot will be in perfect direction 

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