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  • Thursday, 6 April 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata hai 6th April Episode 2358 Written Updates

    Kartik came close to her face and his Eyes Caught Rash on Her exposed Shoulder and Kartik asked What Happened Rashes ??? Because of jewellery She replied Nothing It will get okay in 2-3 days
    Kartik Hold her Arms and asked Are You Scared 
    She Asked What ??
    He told her to be comfortable and Asked her to come with Him
    He takes Her to Dressing table and Started Removing Her Veil Than Fold That With her hand and His Hands Together 

    Than He Turn her Around and Get close to her Head from Behind and Caresses On her Exposed Shoulder where she Got Rashes he removed her Necklace and applied Cream on That Rash area(Very sensuous )

    He Put her hair behind her Ears and about to kiss her But Naira Stopped him and told that I am going to change 
    Kartik smirked and Fold his Hands and Said go Change That 

    Naira Searched Her Dress here and There and Kartik comes with Dress and asked are You searching this 
    Naira Snatch dress and Run to room and ask herself why I am Blushing here 
    Kartik is Excited jumping from here to there 

    Here Naira Changed in Very short Nighty and seeing her Self she blushed and came out and Saw Kartik is Sleeping in suit on bed she Laughed on his Condition 
    She came Near Bed and About to throw water on him But She Stopped and told “Kamal Ke Mendak ho apne pyar me Sherni ko phasa ke Kabu kar liya “

    She Made him comfortable on bed and Caressed his FOrhead and Thanked for Marrying him and Kissed on his Forehead and She Slept too in his arms and Kartik Murmurs I love You Naira she Opens her eyes and Told Him I love you too( So romantic)


    Naitik is making cake for Naira and naksh About to taste But Naitik stopped him by saying That Naira will come For pagphera and He is Making this for her
    Naksh told him to DO this Only after That You have to rest after this he Agreed Naksh Left for making tea for him

    Here Naira is Trying to woke up kartik he opens his eyes seeing her in red Saree He Remembers all his Dreams He saw as her wife and he Smiled and Give her his Hand and she sat beside him
    He thought he is seeing dream again
    He again asked how you came here this Morning 
    Naira laughed and Told That We are Married 
    Kartik stupidly told her that  He saw her many times in Dream she Told same and Kartik kissed her on forehead and about to kiss her on lips but one Flowers falls on his head and he Looks around and Realize that He Slept yesterday and naira told him I am going Downstairs
    Come quickly she teased him and Kartik puch Pillow and cursed himself for Last night Blunder 
    And thinks what Naira Thought about me   

    Here Naira came down seeing No one at hall so She Thinks what to do now
    Suwarna try to ready quickly as She Told Manish that Naira must be wake up and Mansih told her to handle somework 
    She told I am going downstairs to help naira nut Manish told her to Massage his Head
    Here naira came to front of kitchen and ashe about to enter but remembered what Dadi told
    She came to hall Where some Sweets kept she Saw and cant control and about to eat but Dadi came same time and stopped her and She asked What are You doing Eating Prasad before pooja ??
    Naira asked pooja ??
    Dadi told her that This is Fresh Sweet made for Prasad and every morning only I can touch no one and if you are Hungry than you can tell to staff they will made anything for You Now come and Light diya
    She abut to left but seeing naira is Still standing she asked hat happen 
    Naira asked Where are others ??
    Dadi informed About all and She told her that this is your work
    Naira remembered how they do pooja in her maayka

    Preacap : Aditya with luggage come out and on phone he Said That I am coming 
    Dadi asked Kirti You don’t know whereabouts your husband what kind of wife you are Kirti told that I asked but dadi shouted on her Naira interrupted by saying that Kirti told that she asked Dadi turn around and angrily asked who asked You ??? 

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