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  • Thursday 27 April 2023

    "Choti Anu Reveals Truth to Anuj, He Promises her That He will Talk to Anupamaa " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 27th April 2023


    "Choti Anu Reveals Truth to Anuj, He Promises her That He will Talk to Anupamaa " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 27th April 2023

    "Choti Anu Reveals Truth to Anuj, He Promises her That He will Talk to Anupamaa " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 27th April 2023.

    The episode begins when Anuj goes to meet Anu in the room. Anu holds his hand and asks him if Anupama has come with him. 

    Anupamaa 27th April 2023 Today's Episode Written Update

    As he stays silent, she realizes that Anupama hasn’t come. She tells him that he should have apologized to Anupama as he has done the mistakes. She reveals to him that she had requested Anupama to let her go with Maaya and convince him for that. This comes as shocking news to Anuj. Anu tells him that she had chosen Maaya as she was alone but wanted to divide her time between her parents and Maaya. 

    She tells Anuj that Maaya doesn’t love her the way Anupama does and she misses her. She hugs him and tells him that Anupama and he needs each other. Anuj asks her to fall asleep. Kanta tells Anupama that she shouldn’t wait for Anuj anymore as this hope will break her every time. She tells Anupama that Anuj doesn’t value her and their relationship anymore. 

    Vanraj sits alone in the room when Kavya brings him sweetly as he must be happy due to Anuj and Anupama not meeting each other. She tells him that his happiness is short-lived and Anupama will never come back to him after being with Anuj. Vanraj calls her crazy. Dimpy tells Samar that after her divorce gets done, she wants to get married to him immediately. She tells him that her insecurity is due to his family. 

    Samar tells her that he has decided to stay separately from her after their marriage to avoid any fights. Dimpy tells him that his family will blame her if they stay in a different house together. She assures him that Anuj will take responsibility. Samar laughs and tells her that Anuj is running away from his responsibilities and didn’t even meet Anupama. He asks her to stop asking for favors from Anuj who doesn’t mean anything to them and has hurt his mother. 

    Dimpy protests and blames Anupama for hurting Anuj. Samar screams at her for accusing Anupama. Dimpy tells him that Anupama should have met with Anuj leaving aside her ago. 

    Samar warns her not to speak a word against his mother. He asks her to sit on the bike as he will drop her home. Dimpy tells him that Anuj will come to their wedding on behalf of her family and she doesn’t care if the Shahs don’t come.


    The next morning when Anupama cleans her dance academy, Vanraj arrives there. He tells her that he was worried for her as she didn’t pick up his call. Anupama makes it clear to him that she doesn’t need his friendship, sympathy, and concern as she can handle her problems in life. 

    She turns back and gets busy with her cleaning. Vanraj tells her that Anuj has moved on and she should do the same. He assures her that he’s there for her. After he leaves, Bhavesh asks Anupama why Vanraj comes here shamelessly. 

    Anupama gets irritated with Vanraj for trying to make friends with her. She decides to focus on her work. Bhavesh knows that Anupama is in pain due to Anuj but feels that her love will bring him back. At the breakfast table, Leela looks for Vanraj. Kavya tells her that Vanraj must have gone to meet Anupama. 

    Leela tells her that he doesn’t have to go to meet Anupama anymore as she will call her into the house till Samar’s wedding is done. Vanraj comes back home. Leela asks Samar about Dimpy. When Samar remains quiet, she asks him if his marriage is called off with Dimpy. He asks her to celebrate as she has always wanted that. 

    He leaves the table. Leela tells everyone that she hopes for Dimpy and Samar to get separated like in Anuj and Anupama’s relationship. Meanwhile, Kinjal receives a text and is shocked. Anuj feeds Anu her breakfast. Maaya tells her that they will go for the storytelling sessions. Anu asks Anuj to do what she said. Maaya asks her what the secret is all about. Anu tells her that Anuj is going to apologize to Anupama and they will become a happy family again. 

    Maaya starts worrying. She goes to open the door hears the bell ring and finds Pakhi in front of her. Vanraj asks Kinjal why she didn’t inform them about Pakhi going to Mumbai. He wonders why Pakhi has gone to meet Mumbai. Hasmukh asks him to relax as Pakhi must have gone to talk to Anuj.

     Barkha screams at Adhik for not informing her about Pakhi going to Mumbai. She worries that Pakhi reveals Maaya and her plan to Anuj. Ankush laughs at her and tells her that Pakhi has informed him before going but he didn’t stop her. He tells her that he will throw her out once Anuj comes back. Anupama calls Pakhi to get her documents from the Kapadia house but her phone is switched off. Anu is excited to see Pakhi.


    Precap For Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 28th April 2023 :

     Kavya rebukes Leela for wanting Anupama back in Vanraj’s life and reminds them that Anupama will never fall into their trap. Pakhi informs her mother that she’s in Mumbai at Anuj’s place and puts the call on speaker.

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