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  • Friday 28 April 2023

    "Anuj Gets Emotional After Hearing Anupamaa's Voice, Pakhi Reveals Maaya's Truth to Anuj " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 28th April 2023


    "Anuj Gets Emotional After Hearing Anupamaa's Voice, Pakhi Reveals Maaya's Truth to Anuj " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 28th April 2023

    "Anuj Gets Emotional After Hearing Anupamaa's Voice, Pakhi Reveals Maaya's Truth to Anuj " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 28th April 2023.

    The episode begins at Maaya’s place. Pakhi promises Anu to stay back for her until she comes back from school. Maaya asks her driver to drop Anu at home.



     She gets a call from Maaya when Pakhi suggests her receive the call as Barkha must be panicked. She reveals in front of Anuj that Maaya and Barkha are always busy on calls for planning and plotting. Anuj asks her if she has informed her family before coming there.

    Anupamaa 28th April 2023 Today's Episode Written Update


    Pakhi tells him that she did inform Kinjal but not Anupama. Leela questions Kinjal about Pakhi’s sudden plan to meet Anuj. Kinjal tells her that Pakhi wants to reunite Anuj and Anupama and has gone to Mumbai to talk to him. Dimpy arrives at Shah's house and tells everyone that Pakhi too feels Anuj is innocent and so has gone to meet him. Samar asks her not to create any scene. Leela asks her why she’s there after calling off the marriage.


     Dimpy screams at Samar for announcing to everyone about their breakup just because of a fight. He makes it clear to her that his family is important to him if Anuj means so much to her. Meanwhile, Pakhi gets a call from Anupama and puts the call on speaker. Anupama asks her why her phone was switched off and requests her to bring her documents as she wants to open a new bank account and not use Anuj’s money. Pakhi informs her that she has come to Mumbai and is in front of Anuj.


    Vanraj gets irritated at Dimpy for always talking about Anuj. Leela makes it clear that they wouldn’t accept Anuj’s presence at the wedding. Dimpy tells her that Anuj will do the ritual of Kanyadaan as her parents don’t talk to her and reminds the Shahs how he has always helped them in their crisis even saving their house.


     Kinjal too reminds her that she’s staying at Anupama’s house which provided justice to her. Anupama gets shocked and goes speechless. Pakhi lies to her that the phone is out of the speaker. Anupama asks her not to misbehave or taunt Anuj as he’s troubled. Anuj’s heart beats fast hearing Anupama’s voice.


    Samar makes it clear to Dimpy that his decision regarding Anuj’s presence at their wedding is final. Vanraj tells her that Anupama and his family don’t need Anuj anymore. When Kinjal tries to calm Dimpy, the latter asks her not to give her lecture like Anupama. Samar warns Dimpy not to misbehave with his family. She asks him if his decision is final. Samar stays silent. 

    Dimpy walks out of the house. Leela asks Samar to throw a ten lakh rupee check on Anuj which he gave to him.



     Kavya comes clapping and blames them for forgetting Anuj’s help. Vanraj screams at her. Hasmukh warns him to lower his voice. Anupama asks Pakhi how’s Anuj doing. Pakhi tells her that Anuj is in the same condition as hers. Anupama gets emotional and disconnects the call. Pakhi tells Anuj that he has to answer her questions. She asks Maaya to bring cold coffee for them.



    Maaya goes to the kitchen. Kavya tells Leela and his son that their cheap behavior to separate Anuj and Anupama won’t bring the latter back to Vanraj’s life. She blames Leela for wanting to make Anupama Vanraj’s wife again though she’s already there. She asks them if they have seen Samar’s pain whose marriage is called off. Vanraj worries that Pakhi brings back Anuj with her. Pakhi sits in front of Anuj and reminds him how he made her understand once about Adhik and her relationship.


     She asks him how his love came to this point for which he fought with everyone. Anuj stays silent. Maaya breaks down as happiness doesn’t stay with her. Pakhi tells Anuj about Anupama’s condition and asks him if he’s fine. Maaya arrives there when Pakhi gets up and asks her if she thinks of having a perfect family with Anuj and Anu. Maaya gets stunned. Pakhi asks her if she has ever seen Anuj’s love for him. Maaya stays silent.


    Pakhi tells her that even Barkha and her plotting wouldn’t be able to separate Anuj and Anupama as they are meant to be together. As Anuj gets up from the chair, Pakhi shows her Anupama and his pictures. He gets emotional and gets reminded of the all the moments spent with her. He picks up the photos from the center table.


     Pakhi tells him that he doesn’t have to speak a word as his eyes are enough to express his love for Anupama. She puts all blame on the Shahs for not letting Anupama live her life and also points out Maaya and Barkha’s plan to separate them further. She asks him why he’s not understanding Anupama and going away from her.


    Precap for Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 29th April 2023 :

     Anuj calls Vanraj when Anupama visits the Shah house. Anupama puts the call on the speaker. Anuj tells Vanraj that they shouldn’t create barriers to Dimpy and Samar’s wedding and asks him to convey to Anupama that he will come back soon. Anupama jumps for joy.

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