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  • Monday 16 January 2023

    "Paritosh Stole Kinjal's Money, Vanraj Beats Him Like Mad Well Deserve " Anupamaa Upcoming 16th January 2023


    "Paritosh Stole Kinjal's Money, Vanraj Beats Him Like Mad Well Deserve " Anupamaa Upcoming 16th January 2023

    "Paritosh Stole Kinjal's Money, Vanraj Beats Him Like Mad Well Deserve " Anupamaa Upcoming 16th January 2023.


    The episode begins where Anuj decides to meet Dheeraj and Devika on Makar Sankranti. They bid goodbye to each other. Anuj asks Dheeraj to drop Devika safely at her place. 

    Vanraj gets restless as Kavya’s phone is switched off and he needs to arrange the money soon. Leela asks him to take her jewelry and sell it to pay back Jayanti bhai. Hasmukh agrees with her. Vanraj asks him not to worry as he has money in the locker. Leela gets angry at Kavya for taking the keys to the locker. Kavya arrives home and tells her that she’s tired of the dramas. 

    Anupamaa 16th January 2023 Today's Episode Written Update

    Vanraj asks her why she didn’t arrive home early and demeans her modeling career. He insults her for wearing short dresses and for being close to the photographer. Kavya tells him that his phone calls were disturbing their shoot and so Mohit asked him not to call her frequently. 

    Vanraj blames her for having fun on the set and not just shooting. Anuj and Anupama bring Anu to a dairy factory as she has a project on it. They take her on a tour of the factory which makes Anu excited. Kavya asks Vanraj to shut up and asks him what his problem is. Vanraj tells her that she is his problem. When their argument keeps going on, Hasmukh requests them to stop. Samar asks them to solve the main problem first.


    Vanraj asks Kavya to give her the key to the locker. Kavya denies giving him the money which is in the locker. Vanraj asks her if she wants Paritosh to go to jail. Kavya tells him that it’s her savings and cannot give it to Paritosh though she would have given that money if Hasmukh, Samar, or Kinjal needed it. 

    She warns Vanraj not to call her again and again while she’s in her shooting otherwise threatens to block him. Anuj, Anupama, and Anu taste the cheese of the factory. The staff takes them on a tour of the rest of the factory.


    When Kinjal comes back from the office, Vanraj requests her to help Paritosh. She tells him that she doesn’t feel like helping Paritosh but doesn’t want Leela to sell her jewelry or Hasmukh to give away all his savings. She feels Kavya is right about not giving the money to Paritosh. She decides to bring the money which she saved for Arya.

     Paritosh remembers that he had stolen money from Kinjal’s locker earlier. He stops her and asks her not to give away the money kept for Arya. Leela and Vanraj rebuke her for not taking Kinjal’s help. Kinjal goes to her room to bring the money.





    Anuj, Anupama, and Anu visit the various departments of the cheese factory and how it is processed in different ways. Anu wonders how they get so much milk. The staff tells her that many farmers send them the milk and also they have their farm where there are many cows. 

    Leela is glad that Kinjal has agreed to help Paritosh even after their issues. Kinjal comes downstairs and informs the family that she’s not getting the money she kept. Looking at Paritosh, Kinjal questions him if he has taken her money. Anuj, Anupama, and Anu visit the cow farm. They enjoy giving food to the cows. Anuj and Anupama make Anu understand the importance of every animal and how they should take care of them. 

    They also taste the milk that they have already processed. Before leaving the factory, they receive a gift from the manager. Samar feels disgusted at Paritosh for being spineless. Kavya rebukes Paritosh for stealing his wife’s money and asks Vanraj if he still wants to help his son. Vanraj stands in front of Paritosh and asks him how far he can fall. He calls Paritosh to be shameless. Paritosh asks him to handle the situation as he has committed to Jayanti bhai. Vanraj rebukes him for still showing his attitude when Leela is wanting to sell his jewelry and Hasmukh is ready to give away his savings.


    Paritosh asks him if every parent would have done it and if Leela and Hasmukh wouldn’t die if they do so. Vanraj loses his temper and keeps beating him. Samar, Leela and Hasmukh try to stop Vanraj. Hasmukh gets pushed and falls on the floor. Vanraj looks after him. Adhik and Pakhi come running to the Shah house and asks Vanraj what has happened. Vanraj rebukes Paritosh for crossing all his limits. Paritosh asks him to stop giving lectures to him as Anupama does.


    Precap Anupamaa Upcoming 17th January 2023 :

     Anu talks to Maya over call after coming back home. Anuj and Anupama get curious about Maya. Anupama takes the phone from Anu to talk to Maya.

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