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  • Friday 12 August 2022

    "Vanraj Remembers What Happened on the Cliff, Doctor Advices Anuj's Brain Surgery " Anupamaa Upcoming 12th August 2022


    "Vanraj Remembers What Happened on the Cliff, Doctor Advices Anuj's Brain Surgery " Anupamaa Upcoming 12th August 2022.

    "Vanraj Remembers What Happened on the Cliff, Doctor Advices Anuj's Brain Surgery " Anupamaa Upcoming 12th August 2022.

    The episode starts with Vanraj Starts Responding and He is Shaking. Kavya Gets Scared to See Him and Samar Says That May be he is disturbed Or Remembering Something.


    Here Vanraj is in Flashback Where he is Driving Very Fast and Anuj Tells him to Stop the Car. Vanraj Stops the Car and Anuj comes out and Asks Why They are here What He wanted to talk about, Vanraj Asks If he is Scared Anuj Tells Him That They Did Some Coversation Type of the Same Place Before.

    Vanraj tells  Him, Yes We Talked and You Promised Me That You won't become the Father of My Kids and Anuj Says Yes I did and Fulfilled My Promise If You want to talk Any Thing Important Because I need to Get Back to My Family.

    Vanraj Tells Him That This is All About Family Issue, I have Seen So Many Theif But Never  Seen a Family Stealer First Time for All My Family Members at You House of Rakshabhandan.

    Anupamaa 12th August July Today's Episode Written Update

    Anuj tells I did Nothing Maybe You don't Know How to Handle Relations, Vanraj Revert Back May be But You Stay Away from My Family.

    Anuj Laughs and Says You and Your Family Do So Much Drama and Anyone Wants to Stay Away from Your Family, Vanaj Says Than Why Meeting On Festivals and Weekend This Should End? Anuj Says You Just Told What I wanted to tell from a Long Time But We have to Make Bridge Between Family Vanraj Says Because of This Sometimes My Daughter Cries and Some Time Your's Cries So You Need to make Anupamaa Understand, Anuj Says I to want Both Families to busy in her own lives.





    Also Yes I want them to Meet at the Festival But Vanraj Stops him in between and Says You are not Understanding What I am Trying to Say These Both Family Shouldn't meet at all.

    Anuj Jokes Why are you Shifting at the North Pole, Vanraj Says Just Like Your Shayri You Jokes are Cheap.

    Anuj Says You never Understand My Jokes Anyways This Thing You are Telling Is not Possible and not Practical At All When We Families Live in the same City You can't stop them from meeting with Each Other.

    Vanraj Says This is My Final Decision My Family members will not Step In Your House, Anuj Asks Him Who is He Taking Decision On Other's Behalf?

    Vanraj Tells Him That You and Anupamaa Snatch My Bapuji From Me, Anuj Laughs and Tells Him That You Cheated Anupamaa Before I came to her life, Samar Hates Before I Come.

    All things Shakes in Flashback and Vanraj who is shaking on the Hospital bed Heartbeats Gets increase and the Doctor runs to him.


    Everyone Gets Scared and Anupamaa Consoles Kavya, that My Mother Told Me Think Positive So Good Thing will Happen So Think Like that.

    Kavya Asks How did you Get So Much Courage, Anupamaa Smiles and Says I can't get weak Who will Handle my husband and My Family.





    She Continues We need to be Strong 'Kanhaji' is with us so nothing will happen to Vanraj and Anuj.

    Just then Doctor Calls Anupamaa and Everyone Gather him.

    Doctor Tells Them That We need to do Anuj's Brain Surgery There is a Blood Clot in his brain and We need to take them Out.

    Ankush asks if this is Risky.

    Doctor Replies that Risk is Everywhere But We have a Chance to Save Him You have two hours to think quickly After two Hours Maybe you won't get this chance too.

    Anupamaa is shocked and tears are coming out of her eyes. She Says Please do the Surgery, She stammers and Tells Doctor to do it Quick Don't wait two hours Please Save his Life She folds her hand and Cries.

    Everyone comes out to Out of ICCU and Anupamaa Looks at Anuj and Tells Doctor that He has Fought with so Many problems What is this Situation in front of him?

    He nodes and Nurses Take Anuj to Other Room, On the Way, Anupamaa Stops His Streacher and Cries In front of Him and Remembers All her Good Moments with Him.

    He Finally Shifted to Other Room Where Doctor is Advising Everyone on Something and Surgery started.

    Scene Shifted to Vanraj Opens his Eyes and All Family members are outside of the Operation Room.

    Here Ankush Asks Adhik Where is Your Sister? He Says He has No Idea?

    Ankush Lashes Out at Him That Your sister is Involve In this, Adhik Tells Him But Vanraj is Responsible, Ankush tells Him Just Shut Up and If Your Sister is in this He won't leave her.

    Just Then Nurse comes out and Says Vanraj Shah is Conscious Now. You Can Meet But One By One.





    Shah Family Gets Happy, Samar Looks at Anupamaa and She Assures him that She is Okay You Go and Meet him, He Goes and Anupamaa Looks at Operation Theatre and Calls 'Anuj'.

    Here Vanraj Opens His Eyes and tries to ask him Something Doctor Tells him to Rest and Meet the Family But He will Little Sleepy.

    Here Leela and Bapuji Meet Vanraj, Kavya wipes Toshu's Tears.

    There Outside Anupamaa  is Restless to See Nurse Running Outside of Operation Theatre and There Adhik Asks Ankush What Should He Book ' Electric Crimination or Normal'

    Ankush Gets Mad at Him that What are You Saying? He is My Brother.

    Adhik Says I Know But think practical You Are Seeing his Condition. Let's Assume Nothing Happens to Him But It will take a lot of time to Recover till the time we have to Handle Everything.

    Anupamaa Looks at them Angrily.

    PRECAP For Anupamaa Upcoming 13th August 2022 :

    Anupamaa Meets with Vanraj Who Stammers and Tells Her Something About Pushing Vanraj and Samar Hears This too.Leela Begs Anupamaa not to inform the Police.

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