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  • Saturday 13 August 2022

    "Vanraj Confesses to Anupamaa About Pushing Anuj, Anupamaa Doesn't Believe " Anupamaa Upcoming 13th August 2022


    "Vanraj Confesses to Anupamaa About Pushing Anuj, Anupamaa Doesn't Believe " Anupamaa Upcoming 13th August 2022

    "Vanraj Confesses to Anupamaa About Pushing Anuj, Anupamaa Doesn't Believe " Anupamaa Upcoming 13th August 2022.

    The episode starts with Baa and Bapuji. They go to meet Vanraj when he finally gains consciousness. Kavya feels bad for them as parents it is so difficult for them to see Vanraj in hospitalized condition.



    Bapuji encourages Vanraj to get well soon. Vanraj questions Anuj then Bapuji tells him that he is in the operation theatre. Baa asks Vanraj not to worry about anything as she believes that he did nothing wrong to Anuj. On the other hand, the situation is becoming so hard with every minute for Anupama but she is still maintaining her courage.


    Anupamaa 13th August July Today's Episode Written Update

    Paritosh reaches there to share Anupama's pain and asks her to go home as she needs some rest now. But she refuses to go leaving Anuj alone in such a condition. She asks Paritosh to look after the other members of the family as everyone is depressed now. Paritosh goes to bring some glucose for Anupama is she is feeling dizzy. Samar and Paritosh feel so bad to see Anupama under that much stress but they can't do anything for her. Inside the operation theatre, the doctors are trying so hard to save Anuj's life.


    Later there in Kapadia's house, Kinjal asks that they should take Anu to the hospital as Anuj is already hospitalized and if Anupama will see Anu there then she'll become strong and also will gain more courage to deal with the situation. Anu is playing with her toys unaware of the critical condition of his father. Varsha feels so bad for little Anu as she got new parents after her hard life but now his father is hospitalized. Paakhi says that she'll also join Varsha and Anu. There in the hospital, Anupama imagines Anuj is sitting beside and reciting a Shayari for her.



     She becomes so happy to see him there. She recalls Anuj's words that he'll never go away from her in any situation. Samar reaches there then Anupama realizes that it was all her imagination. Samar insists and takes Anupama outside the hospital. There Anupama feels relaxed to see Anu along with Paakhi and Varsha. Anupama says that after seeing her daughters she has gained new energy.


     Paakhi gets emotional and is worried about Vanraj. Anupama calms her down and asks her if Vanraj will get well soon. Little Anu questions her father then Anupama gets emotional. Paakhi replies to Anu that Anuj will also get well soon. Little Anu brings Anupama and Anuj's picture collection with her. Anupama feels relaxed after seeing that. She also brings a bracelet for Anuj and asks Anupama to tie it on Anuj's wrist. Anupama again gets emotional to see their little Anu's love for her father.



    Paakhi feels bad for Anuj and says to Anupama that she'll apologize to him whenever he'll gains consciousness. Later Kavya goes to see sleeping Vanraj. He opens his eyes then Kavya becomes happy. Vanraj again recalls the accident which took place at the edge of the hill. Kavya tells Vanraj that she is happy for him now. She also asks Vanraj to tell her if he had done something wrong to Anuj. Vanraj whispers something in Kavya's ear then she suddenly leaves Vanraj's room.




    Varsha asks Anupama not to get worried about her daughters as she'll take care of them. Anupama asks Samar to take Varsha, Anu, and Paakhi home back. Little Anu asks Anupama to take care of Anuj. Kavya reaches there in a hurry and asks Anupama to meet Vanraj as he is asking for her. Anupama alone goes to meet Vanraj. Vanraj asks about Anuj then Anupama tells him that he is in the operation theatre.


    Vanraj recalls the accident and tries to tell Anupama something. With shattering words Vanraj tells Anupama that he kicked Anuj into the riffle. Anupama gets shocked after learning the truth. Samar and Kavya are also listening to their conversation and they also become shocked. Suddenly Vanraj's heartbeat becomes so fast then Anupama calls the doctor. The doctor asks Vanraj not to speak. The doctor gives him an injection as he seems so restless now then he sleeps peacefully.


     Anupama is so confused now. She comes out and comes to know that Samar has listened to her conversation with Vanraj. But she ensures that Vanraj can do anything bad but he can't kill anyone and he must be telling her something else that time but he failed to speak. She asks Samar not to overthink about this and she goes to see Anuj. Suddenly Barkha also reaches the hospital. She tells Ankush and Adhik that she is so shocked after learning about Vanraj and Anuj's condition. Ankush asks Barkha if she did something wrong to Anuj and Vanraj. But she refuses to accept any kind of allegations.



    Adhik tells Barkha about Anuj's critical condition in which he can survive or can also die. On the other hand Anupama questions the doctor about Anuj's health then he tells her that his condition is still very critical. Doctor asks the Shah family to decide which kind of ward they want to choose for Vanraj. 

    Anupama asks Paritosh to select the best ward for Vanraj but Baa refuses to say that they don't have that much money for that. Anupama requests Baa and Bapuji to take some rest. Bapuji shows his concern about Anupama and asks her to call him whenever she needs anything.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 14th August 2022 :

     Emotional Baa reaches Anupama and tells her that Kavya has called the police. She requests her not to file any case against Vanraj. Let's see what Anupama will decide to do now.

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