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  • Wednesday 10 August 2022

    "Kavya to Reveal Truth, Adhik-Ankush Are Doubting On Barkha " Anupamaa Upcoming 10th August 2022


    "Kavya to Reveal Truth, Adhik-Ankush Are Doubting On Barkha " Anupamaa Upcoming 10th August 2022

    "Kavya to Reveal Truth, Adhik-Ankush Are Doubting On Barkha " Anupamaa Upcoming 10th August 2022

     The episode begins in the hospital. The family is tensed and panicked waiting for the doctor to update them about Vanraj and Anuj’s health.



    Anupama blames herself for coming out of the house and arranging the puja during the day. She wishes she could have stopped Anuj from leaving. The doctor comes out of the emergency when Hasmukh asks him about Anuj and Vanraj’s health. He informs the family that both the patient's conditions are critical and can’t be said anything with assurance.

    Anupamaa 10th August July Today's Episode Written Update



    Anupama requests the doctor to save her husband. Ankush asks him if he can visit Anuj once. The doctor denies as treatment is on and they might have to go through major surgeries. Samar asks the doctor if Anuj and Vanraj will survive. The doctor fails to give him an answer and asks them to complete the legal formalities of the surgery. He asks them to sign the declaration form. Ankush and Paritosh go to complete the legal formalities.


    Leela and Kavya cry holding Anupama. Kinjal tries calling Paritosh. She breaks down into tears when Dolly brings a glass of milk and medicine for her. Pakhi makes Anu sleep and worries about her mental state. She tells Kinjal that she’s worried for Vanraj and Anuj. Paritosh finds Adhik in the hospital and asks him if he’s involved in the accident as he had problems with Vanraj and Anuj.



     Adhik tells him that he’s not a criminal. Ankush feels bad for Anuj and doubts if Barkha is involved somehow in the accident. Adhik asks him to call Barkha. Anupama calls Kinjal to ask her about her, Pakhi, and Anu. She informs them that the doctor didn’t give any assurance to them.


    She asks her to take care of Anu. Kinjal asks her not to worry but take care of herself. Leela breaks down into tears and feels that if anything wrong happens to Anuj or Vanraj then the families will be broken. Hasmukh wonders how Anupama is going through the pain. Leela prays for both of them.



    Anupama looks at Anuj and Anu’s picture. She cries holding the phone and wishes Anuj to wake up. She requests Anuj to wake up. She shivers in fear. She tries to calm herself as she assures herself that nothing wrong can happen to Anuj. She prays for both Vanraj and Anuj. Ankush tries calling Barkha but doesn’t get her. Paritosh asks him to sign the declaration form for Anuj. Anupama stops Ankush as she wants to sign the form. Anupama’s heart beats while signing the form. She tells Paritosh and Ankush that nothing wrong can happen to Anuj and Vanraj. Later, she asks Samar to bring Hasmukh and Leela’s medicine from home. Ankush wonders how the accident took place.




     Anupama recalls the incident and tells him that Anuj has got a text from Vanraj to meet him. Kavya recalls how Anuj left with Vanraj. Anupama tells them that Anuj has gone to talk to Vanraj. Ankush questions Kavya as she has witnessed the accident. Hasmukh doesn’t understand how Anuj and Vanraj fell on the cliff if they met to talk to each other.


     Ankush tells him that Anuj’s car was completely in the right position and didn’t have any sign of an accident. Everyone asks Kavya to narrate the incident to them if she knows anything. Kavya stays numb in fear. Anupama asks her not to get afraid and tell them the truth. The family requests her to tell the truth. Kavya tells them that both Anuj and Vanraj were furious at each other. Ankush doubts if Vanraj had tried to kill Anuj by pushing him from the cliff.


    Leela gets angry at him for blaming Vanraj and tells him that her son isn’t a murderer. Hasmukh asks her to calm down. Anupama asks them to be quiet and reminds them that they are in the hospital and should maintain silence. She requests Kavya to tell them the truth as their husband’s life is in danger. Kavya tells her how she followed them and found them standing near the cliff already. Meanwhile, a nurse informs another nurse to arrange for more staff as the patients in the emergency are in a critical state. The family panics hearing the news.


     Anupama prays to Kanha ji for Anuj and Vanraj’s survival. Hasmukh tells G.K how Vanraj and Anuj looked nice in the kurtas. Anupama tells him that Anu has selected the white kurta for Anuj. Everyone regrets it as they don’t know if they will be meeting Anuj and Vanraj again.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 11th August 2022 :

    Anupama and Kavya see Anuj and Vanraj through the glass. The doctor comes out of the emergency to inform the family about their condition.

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