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  • Tuesday, 9 August 2022

    "Vanraj-Anuj Fall from the Cliff, Anupamaa is in Shocked " Anupamaa Upcoming 9th August 2022


    "Vanraj Pushes Anuj from the Cliff, Anupamaa is Shocked " Anupamaa Upcoming 9th August 2022.

    "Vanraj Pushes Anuj from the Cliff, Anupamaa is Shocked " Anupamaa Upcoming 9th August 2022.


    The episode begins in the temple. Ankush finds Anuj leaving the temple. Anupama looks at Anuj when he leaves and prays to Kanha ji for his safety.



    Kavya notices Anuj leaving and recalls Vanraj’s words of taking Anuj’s life in anger. Anupama starts the aarti. Pakhi and Adhik share a glance. Anuj opens the door of his car and finds Vanraj in the driver's seat. He sits beside him and asks him to wear the seatbelt.


    Anupamaa 9th August July Today's Episode Written Update

     Kavya notices Vanraj and Anuj leaving. She follows them in another car sensing something wrong might take place. Anupama feels restless and keeps doing the aarti even when it’s done. Meanwhile, her phone rings and an inspector informs the family that Vanraj and Anuj met with a fatal accident and have a very less chance of survival. Anupama loses her balance. She drives the car to reach the accident spot. She recalls Anuj’s words and prays for Anuj.



    Kavya reaches the accident spot early and cries. Anupama runs towards the spot and finds the cliff where Anuj and Vanraj have fallen. She screams Anuj’s name and breaks down. Leela comes running looking for Vanraj. Samar holds Paritosh and cries as he’s still puzzled. The police ask the family to stay away from the cliff. Ankush asks Kavya what the matter is as she was already present. The inspector asks the family to calm down. He informs them that the car is in the right state which means that Anuj and Vanraj have come out of the car before falling from the cliff.



     He tells them that the rescue team is doing their job to bring the bodies up. Anupama screams at him for addressing Anuj and Vanraj as bodies. She hopes for Anuj’s survival. She fears and panics. She wears her feet rings back. 

    Samar asks the inspector how he knows that Anuj and Vanraj fell from the cliff. The inspector points out Kavya and tells him that she has been informed in the police station. Everyone asks Kavya about the situation that she witnessed. Kavya howls and fails to speak a word.

    Ankush tries calling Adhik but doesn’t get his call. G.K requests Kavya to tell the truth. When Anupama asks her, she was going to say what she saw but the ambulance reaches the spot. The family panics in fear. Kinjal tries consoling Pakhi who fears losing Anuj and Vanraj. Jignesh asks them not to worry as nothing will go wrong. Anupama and the Shahs go numb as the bodies of Anuj and Anupama are taken to the ambulance.

     They are shocked to see the bodies. They run towards them but the police stop them. They scream looking at them. The bodies are kept inside the ambulance. They run but get stopped by the security. The inspector asks Anupama to calm down as it’s already late so Anuj and Vanraj are taken to the city hospital. Anupama asks him if both of them are alive. The rescue team informs that Anuj and Vanraj’s nerves are working but have got deeply injured. 

    Anupama thanks Kanha ji and gets a bit relieved. Kinjal informs the family that Anuj and Vanraj’s bodies are found as she gets a text from Paritosh. She keeps calling Paritosh to get more information but his phone isn’t reachable. Dolly worries about Anu as she’s shocked and is unable to digest the incident. 

    Anu stands in front of the temple in the Shah house and prays Kanha ji for Anuj and Vanraj’s safety. She requests Kanha ji to send Anuj and Vanraj back to them. Pakhi walks towards her and hugs her. Anu asks her if Anuj and Vanraj will come back. Pakhi assures her that nothing wrong will happen to Anuj and Vanraj. 

    Anu worries if she will become an orphan again. Pakhi hugs her again. Kinjal gets a text from Paritosh and informs everyone that Anuj and Vanraj are taken to the hospital. Anupama, Kavya, and the Shahs reach the hospital and go to the reception to enquire about Anuj and Vanraj. The receptionist informs the family that Anuj and Vanraj’s conditions are critical and are taken to the emergency directly. She asks them to wait till the doctor updates them. The family looks at the emergency room from a distance and waits for the doctor to arrive. 

    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 10th August 2022 :

     The family questions Kavya about the situation she has witnessed. The doctor tells the nurse that the patients in the emergency room are critical. The family panics.

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