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  • Friday, 26 February 2021

    Anupamaa 26th February Episode Written Update "Pakhi Leaves House Anupamaa consoles Vanraj and Drives Car "


    Anupamaa 26th February Episode Written Update "Pakhi Leaves House Anupamaa consoles Vanraj and Drives Car "

    Anupamaa 26th February Episode Written Update "Pakhi Leaves House Anupamaa consoles Vanraj and Drives Car "

     The episode begins in the Shah house. Anupamaa tells Vanraj that he can talk to Pakhi if he wants. Vanraj tells her that he will talk to Pakhi when she calms down.

    Anupamaa apologizes to Vanraj for talking to him rudely in front of everyone. Vanraj doesn’t think that Anupamaa was wrong and blames himself for hurting Pakhi. Anupamaa tells him that they both are responsible for hurting Pakhi as she is going through a tender age in her life. She tells him that being parents they have to understand Pakhi.

    Anupamaa 26th Feburary Episode Written Update


    Kavya comes to the kitchen and politely asks them if Pakhi is alright. Vanraj asks Kavya to go inside as they are coming too. Kavya wonders what conversation Vanraj and Anupamaa were having. She doubts if Anupamaa has heard Rakhi and her conversation and is sharing it with Vanraj. She leaves the kitchen. Vanraj asks Anupamaa if he should call Pakhi to have dinner. Anupamaa asks him to let her anger cool down.


     Vanraj tries to help Anupamaa in the kitchen but Anupamaa asks him not to help her in front of Leela as she may not like it. The family sits for dinner. Anupamaa serves food when Hasmukh queries about Pakhi. Rakhi asks Kavya when Vanraj and she are getting married. Leela asks Rakhi not to talk when eating food as the food may struck in the throat and she may die too.



    Anupamaa decides to take food for Pakhi when Vanraj serves Pakhi’s favorite food on the plate too. When Anupamaa enters the room, she doesn’t find Pakhi in the room. She calls Pakhi if she’s in the bathroom. Then she finds a letter in her room. Leela asks Vanraj to eat properly when they heard Anupamaa screaming Vanraj’s name. Both of them run towards each other when Anupamaa shows him the letter.


     The family gets troubled. Vanraj reads the letter where Pakhi has written that she’s leaving the house as she is unable to deal with her parents’ divorce. Pakhi mentions in the letter that Anupamaa has got a new daughter, Kinjal and Vanraj has got Kavya. Vanraj breaks down while reading the letter and so does Anupamaa.


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    The family too breaks down in pain. Pakhi wrote in the letter that she’s going away from everyone’s lives as no one loves her like earlier. Everyone is shocked and gets emotional after Vanraj reads the letter.Leela panics and asks if Pakhi has left the house. Dolly doubts if Pakhi does something wrong to herself in anger. Paritosh calls Pakhi but her phone rings in the house. Anupamaa and Vanraj run outside the house to find Pakhi. Kinjal and Nandini try to contact Pakhi’s friends.





     Kavya also calls some of Pakhi’s friends to know her whereabouts. Rakhi calls the commissioner of police. Anupamaa and Vanraj try to find Pakhi in the streets while Paritosh checks Pakhi if she’s there at any friend’s house. Sanjay too keeps finding Pakhi. Rakhi holds the call to talk to the commissioner till his meeting isn’t over.


     She offers water to Leela and consoles her. Anupamaa asks  Vanraj to stop his car in front of a garden as Pakhi often visits there. They scream Pakhi’s name but don’t find her there. Anupamaa asks Vanraj to find Pakhi somewhere else as she’s not there. Vanraj stands still and blames herself for not able to take care of Pakhi properly.


    He tells Anupamaa that Pakhi had left the family and the house just to be with him but he couldn’t take care of her. He knows that Pakhi was disturbed and depressed but couldn’t see her pain being a father, Anupamaa tells Vanraj that both of them are guilty of not taking care of Pakhi and getting involved in their lives. She tells him that they both fail to make Pakhi understand. She holds herself responsible for Pakhi’s state of mind. She pulls Vanraj inside the car as he lost hope.




    She sits in the driving seat and puts on Vanraj’s belt. Vanraj asks Anupamaa how mothers are so strong. Samar calls Nandini when Hasmukh asks her not to tell Samar about Pakhi. Leela agrees with Hasmukh. Kinjal tells that she has talked to every friend of Pakhi but Pakhi isn’t with any one of them. Rakhi tells Leela that she has talked to the commissioner who will help us. She feels that they will get Pakhi soon. Leela blesses Rakhi for her help.


    Hasmukh thanks Rakhi. Rakhi politely talks to them. She tells that she knows the pain when a daughter leaves home without informing the parents. She agrees that she couldn’t be a good mother to Kinjal but knows the pain when Kinjal went missing. Leela hugs Rakhi. Rakhi consoles her that Pakhi will return. Meanwhile, Pakhi walks down the street and Anupamaa and Vanraj try to find her.

    PRECAP FOR Anupamaa 26th February Episode Written Update :

     Anupamaa and Vanraj are worried for Pakhi as they couldn’t find her. Pakhi is kidnapped.

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