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  • Wednesday, 3 July 2019

    Zee World Mehek 4th July 2019 Written Update" Mehek Takes Care Of Shaurya and His Mother Shaurya's Plan For Svetlana"

    Zee World Mehek 4th July 2019 Written Update" Mehek Takes Care Of Shaurya and His Mother Shaurya's Plan For Svetlana".

    Zee World Mehek 4th July 2019 Written Update" Mehek Takes Care Of Shaurya and His Mother Shaurya's Plan For Svetlana".

    The episode begins with Mahek talking to Kanta, she tells her that she will make everything fine, Kanta tells Mahek to take care of herself.

     In night Mahek tries to use Shaurya’s laptop but fails to find the password, Shaurya comes there seeing this and ask what she was doing. Mahek replies that she wants to do some work and asks him to tell the password. Shaurya types the password and Mahek smiles seeing that the password was ‘I love Mahek’ but Shaurya that he will change this and says that mistakes happen with everyone.

    Mahek is trying to find medicines for Karona, she phones Sharma family and gets help from PD. Mahek gets leaves of medicinal plants and prepares it all by herself, she gets tired. Shaurya is lying beside Karona while Svetlana and grandma comes there, they plan to stop the working of ventilator which will cause Karona’s life. Both get frightened and hides seeing mahek coming there, Mahek enters the room and watches Shaurya and Karona.

     Mahek adjusts Shaurya’s head by keeping a pillow and starts applying medicine at Karona’s leg, she ensures Karona that she will get well soon as medicine works efficiently. Svetlana tells grandma that she will disconnect ventilator as soon as Mahek leaves and asks her to tell Shaurya that it was Mahek who came to room. Shaurya wakes up touching hot medicine and thanks Mahek unknowingly when she gives him cold water to dip his hands. Shaurya starts shouting at Mahek whether her ayurvedic medicine cure his mother than the medicines prepared in laboratory.

     Shaurya tries to throw Mahek out of the room but both of them falls down slipping on the medicine spit on the floor. Both of them share an eye lock moment while Khanna family comes there watching them lying on the floor, Vicky helps them to get up. Khanna family goes, Shaurya warns her not to go but she doesn’t listen, Shaurya gets furious and forces Mahek out.

     In the morning doctor comes to check Karona, Shaurya asks doctor whether his mother survive, doctor says that the medicine which they have tried on her worked and tells him that there is betterment in health. Dolly says may be this is the effect of herbal medicine Mahek applied, doctor says to continue that medicine along with the medicines he prescribed.

    Mahek is preparing some medicine list while Shaurya comes there telling that she can apply the medicine too Karona, she asks whether he is ordering or requesting. Shuarya asks her to go and treat Karona, Mahek asks can’t he say this politely, Shaurya tells Mahek please, she goes. Mahek starts treating Karona, Svetlana plans to spoil this along with grandma.

     Next morning Mahek and Shaurya is seen sleeping near Karona, Mahek gets up and goes to keep neem leaves near karona, Sharya wakes and interrupts her but Mahek tells him that neem reduces chance of infection. Mahek gives the list she made for medicinal requirements to Shaurya, he goes to get those.

     Grandma wakes up Svetlana and gives her poisonous which will cause irritation to Karona. They plan to spoil Mahek’s and Shaurya’s relation.
    The episode starts with Shaurya enquiring servant whether Vicky came there, meanwhile Vicky comes there and tells shuarya that he didn’t get neem leaves, servant tells that neem tree is there in the garden. Shaurya tries to climb tree but fails, servant brings ladder and he gets up to take leaves. Mahek is busy in the kitchen making medicines, Shaurya falls down from the tree, he starts furious on neem tree, Mahek comes there controlling her laughter.

    Mahek tells that she made medicine with the neem leaves left out yesterday, but Shaurya insists on making medicine with new leaves, she asks him to stop threatening her and to giver her a chance to complete her duties properly. Maheks tries to help Shaurya to get up, he refuses, she forcefully takes him inside the house. Mahek is sitting near Karona while PD calls her and enquires her situation. Mahek leaves when call ends, Svetlana and grandma comes there, they mix poisonous medicine in Karona’s medicine.

    Shaurya comes to Karona’s room and complaints about Mahek to his mother. Shauraya goes downstairs hearing children screaming, he asks Vicky who they are, Mahek feeds them food. Shaurya shouts at her and ask what she is doing, Vicky tells him that Mahek is feeding poor children for Karona’s health, Shaurya disagrees, Dolly also supports Mahek. Dolly and Mahek pray to god, Shaurya silently watch this, when Mahek goes he also prays. Mahek tries to help Shaurya to treat his shoulder pain due to fall he refuses.

    Mahek applies medicine to Karona and helps Shaurya seeing that he is in pain, both get shocked seeing that Karona’s health worsening. Doctor comes and tell that it is due to the usage of some jungle leaves, Shaurya scolds Mahek, Svetlana also falsely blames Mahek. Shaurya ask everyone to leave the room. Shaurya feels he did wrong by allowing Mahek to treat his mother, he drags Mahek out. Svetlana and grandma get happy seeing this.

     Zee World All Tv Series Written Update 

    The episode starts grandma making her medicine, Svetlana and grandma goes out of room hearing Shaurya shouting. Mahek tells him that she tried to help and he is threatening her. Shaurya get hold of Mahek’s neck and threatens that he will kill her, Mahek says that he won’t be able to force her out ever. Svetlana and grandma get happy seeing this, Mahek goes upstairs, Shaurya follows her in anger.

     It is shown that this fight was planned by Mahek and Shaurya to catch Svetlana red-handed. They recall flashback how Shaurya found that it was done by Svetlana and that he informed Mahek about this. Shaurya vows to protect his mother at any cost, both share an eye-lock moment. Mahek finds some leaves on the floor while going upstairs and takes it with her dupatta.

     Mahek comes to Svetlana’s room, finds medicine prepared by grandma, she gets shocked seeing the same leaves there. She recalls the incident at her wedding, Mahek informs Shaurya about this, but he is not ready to believe. Mahek draws his attention to the happenings during their wedding and explains that grandma cam be involved in this, Mahek gets angry with her

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