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  • Wednesday, 3 July 2019

    Star Life Game of Love 3rd July 2019 Wednesday Written Update " Veer Kidnapped Anika Shivaay's Deadly Plan "

    Star Life Game of Love 3rd July 2019 Wednesday Written Update " Veer Kidnapped Anika Shivaay's Deadly Plan "

    Star Life Game of Love 3rd July 2019 Wednesday Written Update " Veer Kidnapped Anika Shivaay's Deadly Plan ". 

    Episode starts with Shivaay thinking somebody is helping Veer, Shivaay decides to find Veer's aid. Anika agrees with Shivaay's plan.

    Veer does his martial arts exercise, and feels happy that Shivaay got him in the Oberoi Mansion. Shivaay decides to destroy Veer in Oberoi Mansion. In the night, Oberoi brothers cook together in the kitchen. Omkara and Rudra ask Shivaay about his celebration with Anika for the Valentine's Day. Omkara says it is a special Valentine's day as whoever spends the whole day with their partner will get the same partner for all the lives.

     Soumya overhears their talk. Veer demands Soumya to get knife from the kitchen, Soumya gets tensed. ShivOmRu and Anika, Gauri, Bhavya surround Soumya in the kitchen. But as Shivaay and Anika get in argument over Valentine's Day, Soumya manages to steal a butcher knife and sneaks away.

    Wednesday Written Update  of Star Life Game of Love 3rd July 2019 

     As Soumya reaches and knocks Veer's door, Anika follows, her Chappal breaks, Soumya hides, Anika fixes her chappal and walks away. Soumya gives the knife to Veer, he cuts off his plasters. Soumya gets surprised as Veer gets up on his feet and tells Soumya keep the secret. Veer decides to play his move on the Valentine's Day. He tells Soumya that he will make her meet enemy of Oberoi family. Shivaay overhears Veer's talk, as Shivaay enters the room, Soumya is seen giving water to Veer, Shivaay offers his help to Veer as the host.

    Soumya feels relieved. Shivaay sees Anika throwing her clothes in teh cupboard.
    Shivaay  and Anika get in petty argument. Shivaay tells Anika that Valentine's Day is for teenagers and not married people, both argue. Anika feels sure that Shivaay will make Valentine's Day special  for her, Shivaay refuses. In the morning, everyone wishes Valentine's day to Pinky, Shakti and Jhanvi.

    Shivaay takes Veer's breakfast and medicines to his room, Anika gets worried as the Oberoi family has to go to temple to keep Rudra's wedding invitation in the temple. Shivaay says he is giving sleeping pill to Veer to he can sleep. Shivaay asks Anika to hide Veer's reality as secret. Veer goes off to sleep. In the car, Anika realizes that she left her phone at the Oberoi Mansion and decides to go back to get it.

    Star Life Game of Love 3rd July 2019 

    Shivaay thinks of returning home at the earliest, Anika searches for her phone. She suddenly hears Veer and sees him coming down the stairs, she hides and gets shocked. She overhears Veer telling someone about destroying Shivaay, Anika decides to call Shivaay, her phone falls off, Veer gets cautious, Anika tries to hide. Veer walks out of Oberoi Mansion.
    Anika decides to follow Veer, she follows Veer's car in the auto.

    She gets worried as she can't call Shivaay. Veer gets in a garage, Anika follows, Soumya gets hyper to meet enemy of Oberoi family, Veer tells her to relax. Anika sees Veer as Veer says Shivaay's biggest enemy is an Oberoi. A lady is seen walking in dark with a watch, she scares Anika, Anika screams, Veer sees her, Anika gets tensed.

    Anika tries to run away from Veer but gets caught by him. Veer takes Anika on his shoulder. Gauri informs Shivaay that Anika went to Oberoi Mansion to get her phone, he gets worried as Anika's phone cannot be reached. Veer traps Anika, she confronts him.

    Veer refuses to answer her. Shivaay goes back to Oberoi Mansion. Veer tells Anika that all that happened in Goa was done by Veer. He reveals that Komal was his wife and he killed her. Veer tells Anika that he will destroy Shivaay at any cost and tells her to leave Shivaay. Veer tells Anika that he will shut Anika's mouth by killing her as Anika made the mistake of knowing Veer's reality. Anika praises Shivaay, Veer  says he is the Raavan.

     Veer talks about Shivaay's enemy from the Oberoi family but refuses to reveal the name. Anika decides to inform Shivaay about the situation at any cost. Anika sees a vase and hits Veer with it and runs away. Veer says Anika cannot save herself. Anika falls on the ground and hurts her leg. She gets her broken phone and tries to call Shivaay, Anika runs, Veer follows her. anika cannot fix her phone, Shivaay gets stuck nearby Anika.

    He gets out of the car to clear the way, Shivaay and Anika have a hit and miss but feel each other around. They miss seeing each other, they walk away from each other. Before Shivaay can see her, Anika walks away. In the temple, Rudra and Bhavya present the wedding invitation to the God. Soumya sees them and gets angry.

    She decides to stop Rudra and Bhavya's wedding at any cost. Soumya takes the invitation and burns it while everyone is praying with closed eyes. but Bhavya sees Soumya and gets shocked. Everyone gets shocked seeing burnt card, Gauri gets worried, Rudra consoles her, Soumya feels happy. Shivaay suddenly starts feeling unwell while driving.

    Rudra sees Soumya, Soumya lies to Rudra about visiting temple, Bhavya feels odd. Bhavya tells Gauri about Soumya, Gauri tells Bhavya that she might have seen someone else. Gauri tells Bhavya not to think too much. Shivaay returns to Oberoi Mansion and looks for Anika. He feels unwell. In the night, Shivaay surprises Anika with special Valentine's Day preparations. Flashback shows Oberoi brothers planning about Valentine's day. Shivaay looks serious, Anika tries to talk to Shivaay about Veer, tears are seen in Shivaay's eyes. She tells Shivaay that some Oberoi is Shivaay's enemy. Shivaay doesn't say anything.

    Star Life Game of Love 3rd July 2019 Wednesday Written Update " Veer Kidnapped Anika Shivaay's Deadly Plan ".

    Anika gets shocked to see Shivaay, he points gun at her and shoots Anika.

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