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  • Saturday, 26 January 2019

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 26th January 2019 Maha Episode Written Update " Kartik's Decision Naira Became Mother "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 26th January 2019 Maha Episode Written Update

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 26th January 2019 Maha Episode Written Update " Kartik's Decision Naira Became Mother ".

    While Kartik is still in doubt about his next step, Manish and other family members arrive at the hospital.
    The guard tries to stop them as they were entering without signing in the entry register and also he can't let many persons inside together.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written Update 26th Maha Episode January 2019

    Manish explains the urgency of the matter to him and requests him to let them inside. Devyani calls Kartik but he's not answering the call.
    Naira regains consciousness. Manish and others somehow enter the hospital. Kartik is standing in the corridor with Kirti's baby. Naira gets panicked to see her baby pram empty but she takes a sigh of relief as Kartik enters the room with a baby.
     Kartik moves to Naira with the baby. Naira gets up to see the baby. She's delighted to assume the baby in Kartik's hands to be her baby. Naira raises her hands to take the baby. Kartik silently hands over the baby to Naira.
    Naira gets overwhelmed to take the baby in her lap. Kartik has changed the tag of Kirti's baby and put the tag of Naira's baby on the baby's wrist. Merry Naira asks Kartik is this our baby? Kartik remains silent.

    Naira herself assumes the baby to be her son. Kartik remains silent and tries to avoid Naira's questions through gestures.
    Meanwhile, Naksh wakes up after his treatment. Just as he wakes up he starts looking for Kirti. He rushes out of his bed to look after Kirti.
    The compounder tries to stop him as he's not fine yet. Naksh rushes out of his room searching Kirti.
    While Naira is pampering her baby, Suhasini and others enter the room. They all are related to assuming the baby to be Naira's baby. The worry on all the faces has transformed into joy. Everybody's eyes are filled with tears of joy but Kartik still stands silent.
    Kartik leaves the family in their pleasant moments and comes out of the room. While he's standing in the corridor with the wrist tag of Kirti's baby that he exchanged with the tag of Naira, Naksh is heading towards him looking for Kirti. Kartik hands over the tag to the nurse. The nurse feels Kartik's move to be exactly right.

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    She tells Kartik that it might be wrong in the eyes of law but right in the eyes of humanity. She knows that if Naira would know the truth, the shock could be dangerous for her health. So, she appreciates Kartik's decision to give a mother to the child and child to the mother.

    Looking for Kirti, Naksh comes to Kartik. His worry soon turns into joy as he sees Naira with a baby. He assumes the baby to be Naira's baby and asks Kartik about his baby. Kartik remains silent at his question.
    Naksh requests Kartik to reply to his question. To help Kartik, the nurse replies to Naksh and says your baby is no more. Naksh gets shocked at the news. He can't believe this. His excitement soon turns into grief and he bursts into tears.
    Naira and others listen to the voice of Naksh crying outside the room. Everyone gets worried to see Naksh crying loud. It gets harder for Kartik to stick to the lie. Naksh's tears start shattering his courage. Surekha stays with Naira and others come out to look after Naksh.

    They ask Naksh what happened? Sobbing Naksh tells them the reason for the sorrow. The joy on each face soon turns into grief.
    Surekha feels strange about Kartik's silence and thinks why is he so worried? Naira also thinks that Kartik wasn't happy even when his baby was in his lap because of the bad news of Kirti's baby. Anyone doesn't know the actual reason behind Kartik's stress.
    Doctor consoles the family and then asks them to take Naira home as she's fine. She also suggests them to take Kirti home as it can help in her improvement. But Akhilesh asks the doctor to let Kirti be there as she'll get the best care there.
    Further Doctor asks them to go home as many people together aren't allowed in the hospital. Naksh wants to stay with Kartik. Buy Kartik decides to stay there alone and refuses to return home even after everybody's requests.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Maha Episode 26th January 2019 Written Update :

    The family got a great reason to be happy but still can't celebrate because they have a greater reason to be sad about. Naira feels sorry about Kirti's baby.

     She expresses her sorrow to Kartik. She thinks that Kartik is so disturbed because of Kirti's baby as Kartik successfully conceals the real cause behind his worry. Still, Naira decides to be strong for the whole family and believes the baby to be the joy and hope of their family.

    Kirti's baby doesn't stop crying even after Naira and Kirti's untiring efforts. Kartik takes the baby near his near mother, Kirti.
    He gets surprised as the baby stops crying after coming near Kirti. He apologizes to unconscious Kirti for the injustice and promises to her that she'll get her baby as soon as she wakes up.
    On the sixth day of the baby, KaiRa arrives home with the baby. The family members wipe their tears of Kirti's sorrow and wear a smile over there have to welcome Naira and the baby. Naira receives a warm welcome at Goenka villa.
     Naira feels thankful to the baby who returned the smile on the face of her family despite all the worries. She misses Kirti and Naksh in the moments of joy. Naira believes that Kirti will recover faster with the baby and also she's ready to share a love of the baby with Kirti to recover her soon.
    Naksh receives the baby cot he and Kirti ordered for their baby. He remembers all their planning and excitement. He decides not to send the cot back and sends it for Naira's baby.
     Naira happily accepts the baby cot as she feels it had Kirti's love for the baby. Further, Suhasini comes to know that Naira needs some rest so, she decides to hire a nurse for her and the baby.
    Naksh goes to hospital and talks to Kirti. He feels that Kirti might not reply but she's listening all his words. He tells Kirti how much he misses her and requests her to recover soon.
    Devyani and Bhabhimaa leave for the Chatth ceremony if Naira's baby. Naksh stays at the hospital as he knows going there would hurt him more.
    Kartik still has the guilt in his mind. Naira thinks that Kartik feels bad for Naira's baby but also she believes that the baby will fix everything. The baby is hope to her. Naira dresses up for the ceremony.
    The actual tag of Kirti's baby dropped from Kartik's pocket sticks to Naira's heels. It's getting hard for Kartik to conceal the truth. He's worried to imagine what will happen if anyone may know about the truth before he tells them.
     He's afraid that everything might go wrong in his efforts to fix everything. Still he tries to join in Naira's joy

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 27th January 2019 Written Update :

     Kartik gets worried to see the nurse at Goenka villa.

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