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  • Thursday, 10 January 2019

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 10th January 2019 Written Update "Prerna Kisses Anurag on his Shirt Romance Sparks "

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 10th January 2019 Written Update

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 10th January 2019 Written Update "Prerna Kisses Anurag on his Shirt Romance Sparks ".

    Anurag and Prerna confront each other with the plan to confess their feelings. Anurag tells Prerna that he needs to talk something with her. And comes to know that Prerna also has something to say to him.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki Written Update 10th January 2019

    He asks Prerna to speak first but Prerna simply asks Anurag to say what he wants. Anurag takes the initiative and tries to express his feelings to Prerna. He previses that she may feel the thing odd, weird or might sound crazy.
     Before he may complete his sentence, peon enters inside with a file and distracts Anurag. He again gets puzzled to continue his confession and tries to return to the point. 

    When Anurag can't say anything clearly, Prerna understands that he's not clear about what he's trying to speak so, she asks Anurag to let her speak first as she needs to say that urgently.

    Now, it comes Prerna's turn to speak. As Prerna also feels it hard to confess her feelings, Anurag encourages her to speak what she wants. Just before she may complete her confession, the weather turns stormy. The song "Tu Jaane na...." plays. The window of cabin opens itself that makes all the papers lying blow. Anurag tries to close the window but the wind restricts him from shutting the window. Prema moves ahead to help him.
     She goes close to him and after a long pull together, they shut the window. After shutting the window they start gathering the scattered papers and while doing so, their head bumps into each other. 

    Anurag asks Prerna to strike her head once again else they'll have a quarrel. While Prerna tries to clear Anurag that nothing like that happens, Anurag strikes his head to Prerna himself.
     Prerna gets surprised by his sudden action and Anurag gets back to collecting papers.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki season 2 Written Update 10th January 2019

    On the other hand, Ronit's lawyer comes up with an idea to prove Shivani characterless in court and get Ronit free. Ronit tries to oppose the plan as Shivani isn't such girl but Komolika forces him to obey the plan. She is determined to get her brother out. 

    Ronit complains to Komolika that she's not doing this to get him out but to prove herself deserving to Sidhant. Ronit is worried about Shivani and also he wishes Mishka to stay away from trouble like his. Because he doesn't want Komolika to get involved in Mishka's matters too.

    One side, Mishka gets shocked to get Prerna's picture in Anurag's book and the other side, Anurag and Prerna struggle to confess their feelings to each other. While moving to Anurag to express her feelings, Prerna slips and falls over Anurag. As she returns back to her place, she finds her lipstick mark printed on Anurag's shirt. Before Prerna may tell Anurag that about her lipstick mark on his shirt, he receives a video call from Mishka.
    Anurag asks Prerna to refix the papers until he talks to Mishka. Mishka gets astonished to see lipstick mark on Anurag's shirt and her astonishment soon turns into anger to see Prerna behind him. She gets upset and disconnects the call. 

    Anurag gets puzzled about Mishka's weird behavior. He asks Prerna if he said anything wrong to her. Prerna shows Anurag the lipstick mark on his shirt.

    Anurag understands that lipstick mark must've come when Prerna struck to him and Mishka must be weird because of the lipstick mark. He asks Prerna to wait until he goes to change his shirt. Prerna gets worried by the mess created and wants to clear everything to Mishka immediately.

    Meanwhile, Mishka can't tolerate Prerna getting involved with Anurag. She thinks that Prerna must be trying to trap Anurag. She consults Komolika to get advice to know the truth. Komolika suggests her a way to lead and dominate the relation. But Mishka wants to know the truth before anything else. Komolika gets concerned to know that alike Ronit, any Prerna is troubling Mishka too. She doesn't expect that Prerna to be the Prerna in Ronit's case. 
    Elsewhere, Anurag enjoys the feeling of being in love with Prerna. He decides to keep the mark with him always like a good memory.

    Precap For Kasautii Zindagii Kay 11th January 2019 Written Update :

     Mishka wants to know the truth and asks Nivedita about Anurag's relation with Prerna.

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