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  • Tuesday, 2 October 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai latest News Update 2nd October 2018 Written Update"Naira Proposes to Kartik "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai latest News Update 2nd October 2018 Written Update

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai latest News Update 2nd October 2018 Written Update" Naira Proposes to Kartik ".

    Kartik reads Naira's reports that describe her critical situation. Naira comes to him..sits on her knees and says you all are very upset because of me. I am sorry. I hurt everyone a lot especially Kartik. If possible I want to give a little joy to you all. I am going to say this with my whole heart.. please don't refuse.. especially you Kartik. Otherwise, my heart will break. She holds Kartik's hand and proposes him to marry her. Just as she says will you marry me? Everyone gets surprised. Kartik sits in front of Naira and says only a mad person will deny to marry you. The wedding that paused because of my sickness...I want to complete it. And before the surgery. Loss or victory against the sickness... whatever is written...must be written in the destiny of Naira 'Goenka'. 

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai latest News Update 2nd October 2018 Written Update

    Kartik raises Naira and says you are going to be Kartik Goenka's wife. So everything will be alright. And asks what you all say... May I make this beautiful lady my Mrs. Naitik says if you wouldn't do remember Naira's father wears 11 numbered shoe. Manish says and your father 12 numbered. Luv Kush cheers for Naira being their 'Bhabhi again'. And asks Naira to promise that there will be no further drama and they'll not fight again. Naira agrees. They remember Naira can't go out from the hospital so how they'll conduct the wedding?
    Kartik goes to Dr. Vishal and apologizes for the violent behavior. Dr says it's ok. But I feel you didn't come here to say sorry to me? Kartik is nervous and can't directly ask Dr to allow Naira for the wedding. After a few twists, he says I want to marry. You. Dr gets shocked. Kartik corrects his statement and says I want to marry Naira... Had to take permission from you.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai latest News Update 2nd October 2018 Written Update

     Shall I marry her in the hospital? Dr says No. And asks are you in your senses? Kartik says of course. Am in my senses. Actually, Naira wants to marry me before the surgery and I always wanted the same. We are going to marry. But you'll not let her go out.. and refused for the marriage inside. So what should I do? Dr asks what's more important surgery or marriage? Am trying hard to deal with the shortfalls of the surgery. And we should do the surgery tomorrow otherwise more complications may arise. Kartik says I know doctor the condition is critical but tell me one thing. Of before surgery Naira will possess more will to live.. more will to recover? It will be good for her. She really wants this marriage to be done and I want to fulfill her wish. You must've done many operations but you also have loved someone. Then you'll understand my point. With joined hands, he requests Dr to allow them for the marriage in the hospital. Dr says definitely I loved..but I loved my profession. And being a Dr is harder than being a patient. So I'll suggest you prepare your wife for surgery instead of a wedding. Hospital has its role and regulations and I can't permit you for the wedding in the hospital. Kartik requests Dr to help him to keep Naira's courage alive.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai latest News Update 2nd October 2018 Written Update

    Suhasini gets two muhrat for the next day. First for the wedding and second for the surgery. Naksh asks for the necessary preparations that he'll arrange for Naira's wedding. Suhasini says in the hospital we'll do some small ceremonies like Kartik will get her married. They'll put on garlands and we can complete the other ceremonies later. Kartik comes there and tells everyone that Dr agreed to the wedding.

    Kartik goes to Naira and tells her that Dr permitted for the wedding but they can't go out. They have to marry in the hospital. Naira asks Kartik to say everyone to go home and rest. And also ask them to get ready for the upcoming two events next day.. first the wedding and second the surgery. Kartik goes to bring Naira's medicine. Naira sees a video on her mobile. In the video, the nurse asks her since when you know Kartik? Naira asks whom? The nurse says Kartik Goenka who loves you very much. Naira says whom you are talking about. I don't understand. Kartik? I don't know any Kartik.
    The video leaves Naira frozen. She gets very nervous to see that she can't recognize Kartik in the video. Kartik remembers that he needs to work hard and help Naira in her struggle. He should become her strength in this hard time. Naira cries as she can't recognize Kartik in the video. She doesn't want to forget Kartik. She gets up and starts throwing everything here and there. Kartik comes on the door. But the door is locked from inside. He asks Naira to open the door. But Naira is so anxious that she loses her senses. She cries and says how I forgot you Kartik? Kartik asks Naira to calm down. He requests her to open the door and talk to him. But Naira says no. I'll not go for the surgery. Kartik tries to convince her and says surgery is important. Naira says I told you Kartik I can accept death.. but can't live after forgetting you.

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai latest News Update 3rd October 2018 Written Update :

    Doctor examines Naira. Whole Singhania and Goenka family prays for Naira's good health. Dr tells Kartik that Naira's condition is deteriorating for the last two hours. Kartik gets more concerned.

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