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  • Thursday, 11 October 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 11th October 2018 Written Update"Ishita's Plan Raman Stands On His Feet "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 11th October 2018 Written Update"Ishita's Plan Raman Stands On His Feet ".

    The episode starts with Ishita rejoicing Raman's ability to stand on his own feet. Romi, Aliya, and Ruhi reach home. Ishita stops Romi from harming Rohan. She thanks Rohan for being the reason of Raman's ability to get back on his feet. Both the Bhallas and the Iyer family gets happy to see Raman walking. Shagun too comes to see Raman and thinks it to be a miracle. She asks Ishita about how she made such a miracle. Ishita tells them that the miracle is done by Rohan. She discloses her plan with Rohan.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 11th October 2018 Written Update

     She narrates everyone that when she came back from chowki she found Rohan outside their house. Rohan was drunk and had come to kill Raman in anger. Ishita tried to make him understand that by killing Raman his mother would not be well and he would go to jail. Rohan realized his mistake and expressed his feelings for Aliya. He told Ishita that he was worried for his mother and so came here to take the revenge. He thanked her for making him understand and stopping him from being a criminal. Ishita asked him to take care of his mother and keep loving Aliya as she knew that she would accept him one day. Then suddenly she called him back and asked him to go to Raman and scare him. She knew that Raman would do something to save Ishita.

     Ishita after narrating the incident thanks Rohan for his support. Everyone seems happy for his help. Rohan too thanks Ishita for making him understand. He calls this a true love that Ishita and Raman shares. Raman apologizes to Rohan for misunderstanding him. He doesn't find words to thank Rohan. Rohan says that it was just because of Ishita he didn't commit anything wrong in anger. Ishita thinks him to be a good person. Rohan prepares to leave. Ishita requests him to allow them to meet his mother so that they can apologize to her if she really got hurt due to them.

     Raman agrees with her. Rohan asks them not to meet his mother as Karan will not understand as he is very angry with them. Ishita asks him to inform them whenever his mother's condition is stable. Karan comes hurriedly to check if Rohan is alright. He asks Rohan to go to the hospital.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 11th October 2018 Written Update

     Rohan also thinks that they should be with their mother and they leave. The informer of Sudha keeps eye on the Bhallas and on Rohan.

    Sudha gets the news of Raman getting back to his feet and Aliya's acceptance for the marriage. She asks the informer to keep an eye on them and inform her time to time. She thinks of something to ruin the happiness of Ishita and Raman.
    Everyone prays to Matarani in the Bhalla house. Ishita informs that Rohan's mother is doing recovery. Mani comes with Rohan and wishes everyone. Rohan informs them that his mother is absolutely well and got discharged from the hospital. Everyone thanks Matarani. Raman asks Rohan if they can meet his mother as she is well now. Rohan tells them that they do not need to apologize to his mother as he came to know from her that the nurse has done the mistake. His mother fell from the stairs due to the nurse and so in order to save herself the nurse blamed Raman. Raman tells him that they want to meet his mother for Aliya and his marriage. Rohan asks him if he had discussed the matter with Aliya.
    Aliya comes and apologizes to Rohan for judging him. She confronts to him that she gets scared of relationship and marriage as she had a bad past. She further tells him that as her family wants her to move on and marry again so she thinks him to the right one. Rohan gets surprised to hear that. She asks him if his mother is still fine with their marriage then whether he is ready to marry her. Rohan says that he is completely ready. Ruhi asks how Karan is going to react. Rohan tells her that he will make him understand. Mrs. Bhalla wants the engagement to be done soon. Ishita stands in front of Adi's photo. She tells that they are really happy about Aliya's decision but as well as upset as Aliya will be leaving them all and go to her in-laws' house. Rohan comes to her and promises her that he will always keep Aliya happy. Raman comes and tells him that if he doesn't keep her happy he will break his leg. Ishita thinks that they should not get late now as everyone is preparing for the engagement so they should meet Rohan's mother soon. The doorbell rings. Mihika opens it and sees Sudha standing out with a bouquet. She walks into the Bhalla house and congratulates Mr. Bhalla for Raman. She asks Ishita to give her something as Raman has got back to his feet.

    Precap for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 12th October 2018 Written Update :

    Ishita wants Rohan to love Aliya like the way Raman loves Ishita.
    Rohan tells Aliya that he wants her to love him the way he does to her. He confesses his love to her.

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