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  • Thursday, 13 September 2018

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 13th September 2018 Written Update "Nancy's Murder Mohit Blames Shivaay"

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 13th September 2018 Written Update

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 13th September 2018 Written Update  "Nancy's Murder Mohit Blames Shivaay".

    Extremely drunk Shivaay moves to talk to Annika. Nancy comes in his way.  Shivaay continues moving ahead. Nancy stops him. Shivaay asks Nancy to keep hand away. Nancy says I am just helping you. Shivaay replies I don't need your help. Tej sees them together and asks what you both are doing here this late night. Shivaay replies were just going to my room. Nancy says me too. And they leave. Shivaay enters his room but doesn't find Annika there. 

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 13th September 2018 

    He remembers Annika told me that she's going to Gauri's room. Nancy enters in his room. Shivaay asks her what you are doing here? I'll tell Mohit. Nancy asks what you'll tell? Shivaay replies will tell that you'll not omit refrain from your actions. Nancy moves ahead and says I'll not. Shivaay asks Nancy to stop. And says I thought you'll realize your mistake but you can't improve yourself. I'll tell Mohit your reality. Nancy says you can't do anything. Shivaay replies you'll get to know what I can do. Shivaay moves to the door but before he could open it... He faints.

    Next morning. Shivaay wakes up with his hands red with blood. He gets shocked to find his clothes all sprinkled with blood. He moves ahead and tries to uncover the blanket from his bed. But he gets puzzled up to see Nancy's hand a little out from. the blanket. He thinks how she could be here what happened last night? He gets very nervous but can't remember anything about the previous night.  He gets frightened with the thought if he murdered Nancy. He tries hard to remember the previous night but can't. He thinks everyone will blame me for the murder but am not the killer. He hears the footsteps of someone coming towards his room. it's Annika. He locks the door. Annika knocks on the door. 

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 13th September 2018 Written Update

    She gets worried to get no reply from inside. Somehow Shivaay manages to answer Annika. He says with trembling words.. just one minute Annika. Annika asks what are you doing Shivaay? Where are you busy? Shivaay makes an excuse of the conference call and asks Annika to leave. Annika suspects something strange and asks Shivaay to open the door once. Panicked Shivaay shouts at Annika and says.. you are not my wife. I told you am doing urgent work. Stop questioning and just go. Annika feels hurt with these words and says sorry I'll not interfere in your life from now and leaves. Shivaay feels sorry for being rude to Annika but he has no other option.
    Omru sees the upset Annika and asks her if there's any problem. Annika replies nothing and leaves. Rudra says she's coming from Shivaay's room. Om says Shivaay must've said something to her. Rudra says but he was about to say the words of his heart. Om suspects some trouble and they move towards Shivaay's room.

    Shivaay tries to wash away the blood stain from his hands and face. He tries to remember what just happened last night. The door knocks. Shivaay changes the stained shirt. He thinks it must be Annika on the door and says, Annika, I told you am on a conference call. Rudra says This is us bhaiya open the door. Shivaay thinks he must tell Omru about it. But he thinks what I'll tell when even I don't know anything. He makes an excuse of being busy on a call. Omru asks him to come out soon and leaves. Shivaay comes out from his room to know the reality of last night. He meets Mohit on the way. 

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update Daily Written Update

    Taaj asks him the reason for his nervousness. Shiva makes an excuse of urgent work. Mohit asks about Nancy but Shivaay can't answer the question. He says being in a hurry I'll meet you later and leaves.

    Shivaay Hides and Listen What are Omkara and Rudra Saying to Anika They Trying to console her In their talk Rudra Says That he won't Think When He is Angry Sometimes I think he will Kill That person Shivaay gets Shocked and Omkara tells Rudra to Shut up.
    Shivaay Thinks How to Get Out of This Situation He Breaks The Vase and Anika Stops They are Interrupts by Khanna who comes to take Shivaay’s Suit.
    Priyanka tells That No Body Allow In His Room But Anika tells She Will Go, Shivaay Runs to Room and From Window, He Goes Out.
    Anika comes to Room and Calls Shivaay’s name She Comes Inside and Sees One Hand Out of Duvet She Thinks who is She?
    She Uncovers the Duvet and Screams, Everyone Rush to Room.
    There Shivaay Runs and Thinks About What Happened with him from the Party. He Thinks About Mohit and Rudra’s word of Killing.
    In Shivaay’s Room, Everyone gets Shocked to See Nancy is Dead that Too Her Face is Damaged Someone Kill her Violently.
    Shivaay Runs to Road Here and There He Talks to Himself that he is not Murderer.
    In The Room, Omkara tells Rudra to Call SHivaay Mohit comes and Asks What is Going On here and What is Nancy Doing Here.
    He Gets Shocked to See Nancy’s Body and Gets Hyper He Tries to wake her Up.
    Omkara and Rudra control Him and Takes Him Away. Tej and Jhanvi come to Room and Tej tell them to Call Police. Jhanvi Asks For Shivaay.
    Shivaay Decides to face the Situation and He Goes to Oberoi Mansion.
    In The Oberoi Mansion Tej is Angry That After this Tight Security How can Someone Execute a Murder.
    Shivaay comes Home and Omkara and Rudra Go to Him.
    Omkara Holds Him With Shoulder He Tells Him Where was He?
    He Tells Him That Nancy’s Dead Body Found in Your Room. Tej Tells Him That He Called Police. He Doesn’t want this to leak In Media.
    Shivaay Goes to Mohit Who Holds Him via Collar and Asks Him Why You Killed Her?
    He Tells Him That He Didn’t. Omkara and Rudra Stop Mohit. Everyone is Shocked.

    Precap For Ishqbaaz Latest News Update Daily Written Update 14th September 2018 :

    Mohit Tells Bhavya That Shivaay has an Evil Eye on Nancy She Tells Him That He is Married to Anika.One By One Family Member give Statement to Bhavya.

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