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  • Saturday, 23 June 2018

    Raman Fills Ishita's Maang At Temple Yeh Hai Mohabbatein SBD/SBB 23rd June Video WU

     Raman Fills Ishita's Maang At Temple Yeh Hai Mohabbatein SBD/SBB 23rd June Video and Written Update 

    Segment Start with Raman and Ishita are worried for Roshni Because She is Missing So They decide to Search Her Ishita Suggests Raman That They Should Stop at the temple and Pray to God After that we will Search her.

    Raman And Ishita come to Temple Where Pandit comes with Pooja Plate and Ishita takes The Coconut and She Closes her Eyes and Takes Blessing from God and For that She Touches Coconut to Her Forehead and Coconut has Sindoor which drop on Ishita’s Nose and Forehead She doesn’t Know this and comes Back to Raman.

    Raman Looks at Her Nose and Partition of the head and He While wiping the Sindoor from Nose Unknowingly Fills her Maang with Sindoor.
    Ishita is Shocked with this But Says Nothing and Raman Still Filling her Maang when Pandit comes and Interrupts their Moments Then Raman Realizes what he had Done.

    Pandit Blesses them that In front of God this Happen God Keeps Your Pair Long live.
    Ishita is Stunned But They have Another Task In Hand which is to Find Roshni and They come out of the temple with Car and Starts Searching.

    Suddenly Middle of the Road Roshni comes from Wood and About to Collide with Raman’s car But Raman Stops at Last Moment and They Get Shocked to See Roshni in That State.
    Ishita consoles her and takes her Bhalla House Back.
    In her interview, Roshni Says That She didn’t See Param and Simmi So She Doesn’t Know Who Kidnapped her.
    Stay Tune in for More Updates we will come soon with latest Update and Written Updates Must Watch This Segment

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