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  • Wednesday, 27 June 2018

    Kartik - Naira Came Close at Hospital Kaira's Cute Moments Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 27th June Video WU

    Kartik - Naira Came Close at Hospital Kaira's Cute Moments Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai  27th June Video and Written Update.

    Segment Start with Kartik takes Naira to the hospital because She is hurt and Kartik Without even Listen to Her Takes Her to Hospital where Doctor tells Them That She Needs to Inject.
    Doctor Takes Out Injection Naira Says can’t work without Injection You can Give me Any Medicine Kartik Too Agrees With her and Tell Doctor that Any Medicine can work She is Afraid of Injection.

    Naira Retorts that No I don’t Afraid from Injection She tells Doctor to Give her Injection they Give each Other Tashan in front of Doctor Kartik tells Naira That You will cry later Listen to me Its Okay if you're Afraid.

    She Gets Angry and Tells Doctor to Give her Injection Doctor gives her injection and She Holds His Hand So Tight and Kartik to Closes his eyes and Both Feel the Pain.
    Kartik’s Interview: He tells That How Their Professor-Student Tashan Now Gets Emotional because Naira is Hurt and Kartik takes her to Hospital.

    He adds that Naira Fell from Terrace 2 years Ago at Shubham’s Death time and Because She Fells She Hurt her Leg and Doctor tells Today That She has Another Swelling near This New wound and Goenka Family don’t Know about This.

    He Shares that We have the Same Scene Before That baby Time and I was Faint so we Both As Mohsin and Shivangi Also Scare from Injection.
    He Also Shares His Happiness That They Got Best Jodi Award Also best Show Award too.
    Must watch this Segment

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