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  • Thursday, 29 March 2018

    KK Proposed Saisha Avni Against It Neil Makes Her Agree Naamkarann 29th March Video WU

    Avni is Against KK and Saisha's Marriage Neil Make Her Agree Naamkarann 29th March Video WU

    Segment Start with KK is a Singing song for Saisha and He is proposing Saisha In front of Avni who is So Offended by this
    She is watching KK Is Going on his Knee and he is Giving her Rose and Proposing her for Marriage and She accepts his roses and Avni is not Happy with this

    She Stares them and About to leave But Mowgli Holds her hand and Stops her From Going Away
    After that KK and Saisha, Both try to Make Avni understand But She doesn’t want Saisha To Get Marry in Early Age So she Shows her Anger to them But They come to Neil for Help

    Avni is About to leave But Neil comes to her and Stands In front of Her And Make her understand that Saisa and KK Love each other so let them Marry

    Neil convinces her that there will be no worry he knows KK personally Avni Thinks and Agree on their relationship
    Scene Shows where Everybody is Celebrating and Avni is Coughing We Also Updated yesterday That After this Scene Avni told Saisha and KK to get Engage But Marriage will happen Only After Saisha’s Study Over

    There Kamini Wants to Meet Saisha’s Father what will Avni do Now ?

    We will Update Soon on this Stay Tune for More Update

    Must Watch This Segment

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