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  • Friday, 10 November 2017

    Neil-Avni's Romance at Garden Naamkarann U me Tv 10th November Video Written Update

     Written Update 

    Neil-Avni's Romance at Garden Naamkarann U me Tv 10th November Video Written Update

    Segment Start with Neil is Doing Workout In Garden area and he is in His West and Lower
    He is Sweating due to Workout and Avni comes There and she stands In front of Him

    Seeing Him Sweating She takes Her Pallu and Start Wiping His Sweat from Shoulder Then She Wipes his Arms and then His Face
    Seeing her So Close Neil leans and takes her In His Arms And He Start His Romance Avni Pushes Him Away and Stand Aside
    Frustrated Neil Throws The Pipe and Avni Smiles She About to Slip But Neil Holds her again in His Arms and 

    They Lost Again
    But Avni in Previous scene told him That they can Share anything with Each Other Then why she is not Sharing anything
    Angry Avni Says yes And She leaves neil doesn’t Understand why she is getting angry again and She left and Neil calls her name and Follows her

    Neil’s Interview : I was so Frustrated and angry because Avni told me that You cant Hold Vidhyut for some time what kind of Police you are and to take Out That frustration I came to Garden Area where I started workout

    After sometime avni realizes her mistake and she came to Say Sorry to me and I Apologised too and Because of Sweating water and Atmosphere we had a Small Moment That Ruined again god knows why she got angry again and left me there

    Must watch this Romantic Segment 

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