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  • Friday, 15 September 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 15th September 2017 Written Update

    Suwarna comes with Coffee for Manish and Gives Him But He Refuses to Look at her
    Naira sees and Prays God Not let This happen Suddenly They hear Kartik’s Voice Mr Goenka But he Doesn’t look at his Direction Everyone Come to There Kartik comes to him and ask why Maa Killed herself Was She Suffering from Mental Problem why she Took Those Medicine Seeing Him Silent Kartik Says I am requesting You
    Keerti comes to Him and Says Please Papa Tell us She was our Mother Please tell us About Her
    Manish Leaves Saying That he won’t tell anything
    Kartik asks Dadi and Akhilesh But Dadi Says I can’t Tell Anything Manish He Shouts Back Then tell Him To Say anything

    He Throws The Things from table and he Let out His Anger That He always Tried to Talk to me Naira Rushes to her and take Him In Her arms
    Here Dadi comes to Manish Keerti Suwarna Others Follow Her too
    Dadi talks to Manish and make him understand that he should Say Kartik Everything for Kartik’s Sake
    Kartik and Naira are Sitting in hall and they Glance Up
    When Suwarna comes to Room Manish ask did You gave Them She Nods and He is Scares That He broke Soumya’s promise
    Dadi assures him That Everything will be Fine
    Kartik takes The Letter and Shocked to see two letters By her Mother and he reads Those letter written By His Mother to Manish That

    She told Him before and She is Saying Again That She has Problem In Mind and Because of This I Always Fight with You and Today in front of the Kids we Fought too (Kartik remembers Their Fight )
    She Further written That Forgive me For all My Mistake I am Going to leave this Life (Kartik remembers His Mother was Going Somewhere)
    He reads Further where she asked Promise from Him That don’t tell my Kids About My Mental problem and if possible forgive me For what I have done with You Doubt on You with Your Secretary Sorry for that and Move On Your Life (Kartik remember How he Fought with his Father on his Marriage time then His Massi’s word Too )

    He is Heart Broken While He is Remembering his Childhood and All His Fight with Manish
    He Falls down on his Knees Naira quickly rushes to Him and He says That he Just Did Only Hatred towards Him Naira Consoles him
    Keerti comes and reads Those Letter with teary Eyes
    And Then She Burst out in tears kartik Takes her in Hug and She Cries hard and Wipes Each Other tears
    Kartik Says Sorry to keerti that She Always bear his anger and She Always tried to tell Him That Mr Goenka is Good Man keerti Says Now You understand
    Naira Says if You don’t Mind Can I Say Something we have Wasted so many years in Anger But Now we can Change The coming Up time Keerti Says She is Right kartik seems Disturb and Leaves

    Dadi and Everyone come and ask naira She Says he knows everything But for Accepting everything will take time
    Here Manish is Saying sorry to Soumya and Suwarna comes to console him And he Says Sorry But She Says No need to Say Sorry and She teases Him Little Then Says What will you talk to Your Son ?
    He Surprisingly asks will he talk to me ?
    She Says Give him Little Time Naira is with him You just Wait for beautiful time Ahead
    Here Kartik is Seeing his mother Pic and Remember old Memories  how he accused Manish
    Naira is watching him
    Manish is pacing here to there and drinking water preparing himself Suddenly feels Scares Suwarna comes and ask what is all this Either Sit or go outside
    Suwarna comes to naira and Stands with Him Watching kartik She says Same Situation with manish
    Suwarna Thanked her But naira Says Sorry for That Time when they return from bank
    She says its Okay and Naira Says That Kartik will Understand Soon

    Precap :

    Naira Says If they are Not doing anything then we have to do Something
    Love drags Kartik and Kush drags Manish Both Manish and Kartik Look at Each Other

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