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  • Wednesday, 28 December 2016

    "Raghav-Niana Ki Date " Pardes Mein hai Mera Dil BTDD 28th Dec Video

    Written Updates

    Raina and raghav eating on a  restuarent

    Where they are probably having. Chinese food With chopsticks which seems so hard for Naian

    Both Seems be friendly 

    Naina's Byte : Mehra house members treat Raghav very badly Like Servent she feels sorry for Raghav and thinks of supporting him as a good friend 


    Scene Shifted to Mehra House where she discovers Sanjana's things in his cupboard and gets hurt to see He kept all her things She looks at him and then pics/dairy and she felt bad  

    Next scene shows  Naina and Sanjana are  dressed up for a party 

    Naina has changed her look and looking very pretty becoz she wants to look better than Sanjna

    At the party Raghav is staring at Naina  Sanjana is disappointed to see this

    Sanjana is further disappointed to find that neither is veer interested  in her looks .

    Offscreen Sanjana and Naina give a byte describing their  changed looks for the party 

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