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  • Sunday 21 May 2023

    "Anuj takes Mayaa to Kapadia House, Anupamaa's Heart Breaks Again, Anuj is Hiding Something " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 21st May 2023


    "Anuj takes Mayaa to Kapadia House, Anupamaa's Heart Breaks Again, Anuj is Hiding Something " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 21st May 2023.

    "Anuj takes Mayaa to Kapadia House, Anupamaa's Heart Breaks Again, Anuj is Hiding Something " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 21st May 2023.

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Maaya takes Anuj outside the room. She panics and asks him if he’s going to leave her and reconcile with Anupama.


     Anuj asks her to relax, makes her sit in the living room, and gives her medicine. Anu gets worried and asks Anuj if she’s fine. Maaya asks her not to worry and requests Anuj to take her to their home. Anu agrees and tells Anuj to stay at Kapadia mansion instead of the hotel. Vanraj asks Anuj to take Maaya home so that she feels better.


    Anupamaa 21st May 2023 Today's Episode Written Update

     Anuj decides to take Maaya home. Vanraj suggests Anupama stay in the Shah house till the wedding. Anupama denies to stay and decides to go to her own house. Barkha texts Vanraj asking him if Anuj had revealed the truth to Anupama. Vanraj assures her that Anuj didn’t say anything to Anupama and asks her to let things go as it is. Anuj looks at Anupama before leaving and takes Maaya and Anu to the Kapadia mansion.



    As they reach, Anuj recalls Anupama and his first day in the house and all those sweet memories spent with her. Anu asks Adhik if Pakhi and he stays in the house as she’s excited to play with Pakhi.

     Barkha tells her that Pakhi has gone to attend her friend’s wedding and when she will come they are going to be in Mumbai again. Maaya doesn’t support her which makes Barkha worried. Anuj looks at the house and hallucinates hearing Anupama’s voice.


     He imagines Anupama in front of him saying how much she loves him. He gets lost in Anupama’s thoughts. He smiles as Anupama, in her imagination, tells him that the house belongs to them and reminds him that each corner of the house will remind him of her memories. Anuj feels she’s right. Anupama tells him that whatever he’s doing is wrong. He apologizes in his imagination and Anupama vanishes. He feels restless when Anu calls him.



    Barkha asks Maaya whether she’s going to stay in the guest room or with Anuj in his bedroom. Anuj asks her to keep Maaya’s luggage in the guest room. Maaya agrees with him. Anu goes to her room. Maaya follows her. Ankush tells Anuj that he wouldn’t let him leave his house now and asks him to join the office after Dimpy’s wedding.

     Anuj tells him that he was thinking of the same and asks Barkha, Adhik, and Ankush to give him a brief so that he can check the accounts and other details of the company. Ankush asks him to rest now. Barkha and Adhik get worried as Anuj is going to join the office.


     Anupama comes back home with a heavy heart. She recalls how Anuj and Maaya were together and wonders how Anuj can take Maaya to the Kapadia house. She gets emotional as the Kapadia mansion is full of Anuj and her memories. She understands that Anuj wanted to say her something but failed as Maaya interrupted their conversation.


    Anuj enters his room and recalls how Anupama tried to stop him from leaving the house. He sits on the bed and apologizes to Anupama for hurting her so much. In the morning, Leela asks everyone to pay attention as she has made something. Dolly does Hasmukh’s hair color. Samar, Vanraj, and Paritosh tell him that he’s going to look the most handsome at the functions.


     Leela tells the family that she has made oil so that they can massage it after the sangeet function. Kinjal calls her cute. Hasmukh teases Leela too. Anupama gets lost in her thought. Samar keeps his head on her lap and asks her to massage his hair. He asks Anupama if she’s going to have a special performance in the sangeet. Everyone encourages her for her dance performance.


    Leela asks her to dance so that Maaya burns. Kavya arrives. Everyone insists on her dancing but she denies it. Kinjal and Samar request her to stay till the wedding. When Kavya denies it, Vanraj supports her and asks his children to let Kavya attend the function in whatever way she feels like. Anupama is nervous as she’s going to face Anuj again in the evening.


    Precap For Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 22nd May 2023 :

     Anuj and Anupama meet each other in the market. Anupama asks him to complete whatever he wanted to say to her.

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