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  • Tuesday 23 May 2023

    "Anuj About to Say the Truth to Anupamaa But Vanraj Comes Between and Takes Anupamaa Away" Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 23rd May 2023

    "Anuj About to Say the Truth to Anupamaa But Vanraj Comes Between and Takes Anupamaa Away" Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 23rd May 2023.

    "Anuj About to Say the Truth to Anupamaa But Vanraj Comes Between and Takes Anupamaa Away" Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 23rd May 2023.

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Kinjal talks to Pakhi over call and asks her not to worry as Anupama is fine.



    Leela asks Pakhi to come to the wedding. Pakhi denies to come. Dolly suggests Leela that they should get ready for the sangeet now as the decorations are almost done. Dimpy arrives there which shocks everyone. When Leela asks her why she’s there, she tells them that she had gone to the parlour and on the way back she just came to look at the decorations.


    Anupamaa 23rd May 2023 Today's Episode Written Update

    Anuj rides his bike with Anupama behind him. He apologizes to her for the speed breakers on the road. He asks her to hold him if she wants. Anupama tells him that she can handle herself. Anuj holds her with one hand near a rough road. Leela asks Dimpy to go to the Kapadia mansion if she’s done seeing the decorations. Kinjal asks Leela to calm down as they have snacks to prepare and tells Dimpy to go upstairs to meet Samar.


    Dimpy tells them that they should have brought snacks or called staffs from the Kapadia mansion. Leela reminds her that the Kapadia mansion isn’t her own house and asks her to adjust to the ways of the Shah house like Kinjal did inspite of being from a wealthy family. Dimpy argues with her. Samar comes downstairs and asks them if everything is okay.


     Kinjal changes the topic. Dolly asks Samar to select his sherwani. He tells them that Dimpy would select his sherwani. Dimpy tells him that she has asked Anuj to pick up the sherwani from a designer store. Hasmukh takes Leela to the room. Others too leave the living room so that Samar and Dimpy can talk to each other. Dimpy apologizes to Samar and asks him not to talk of cancelling the marriage.


     Samar apologizes to her too but tells her that he meant whatever he said as he loves his family very much. Dimpy decides not to protest against anything till their marriage is done. Leela prepares sweets in the kitchen. Dolly enters the kitchen and suggests her control Dimpy as she’s way too much. Leela asks her to watch and wait.



    Anuj stops his bike and tells Anupama that he has something to say. She asks him to speak his heart out. Anuj tells her about the phone call he got while coming to the airport. After learning the truth, they hug each other. Soon, Anupama’s imagination breaks, and finds herself sitting behind Vanraj in his car. She feels that Anuj would have told her the truth if Vanraj wouldn’t interrupt.


    Vanraj asked her to come along with her. Anuj agreed to him. Anupama leaves with Vanraj. Anuj regrets not being able, to tell the truth to Anupama again. Anupama wonders why Anuj is being hesitant to reveal the truth to her. Vanraj drives the car toward Shah's house. He tells Anupama that he cannot believe that his little Samar who couldn’t tie his shoelaces is getting married. Anupama smiles and agrees with him. While Kinjal dresses up, Paritosh smiles looking at her.


     He asks her to try for a new beginning. He holds her hand and puts nail paint on her nails. Kinjal takes her hand away from him. She tells him that their relationship is broken and isn’t ready for another baby. Paritosh holds her tight in anger and asks her to give him the clarity of what she actually wants. Kinjal makes it clear to him that she’s going to stay in the Shah house till Samar’s wedding as he made her life difficult.


    She tells him that she cannot forgive and forget what he has done. Anupama tells Vanraj that they should make the wedding functions special as Samar has always been with his family. He tells her that she’s going to America after the wedding too and asks her not to stop for anyone this time. Anupama looks through the window of the car and wonders if Anuj would be able to tell her the truth. In the evening, everyone gets ready for the sangeet to begin.


     Dimpy and the Kapadias too arrive at the Shah house. Anupama’s eyes get stuck to Anuj and so is his. Kanta notices an exchange of expression between Vanraj and Barkha. Leela asks Maaya if she has come after winning a war. Maaya tells her that she has already won she wanted to which wasn’t less than a war. Hasmukh welcomes the guests.


     Dimpy and Samar’s mehendi function starts. Leela asks Anupama to sit for the mehendi too. Maaya tells everyone that she’s going to put on mehendi for Anuj. Anupama is taken aback.


    Precap For Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 24th May 2023 :

     The sangeet function starts. Anuj and Anupama imagine being together and dancing. Anupama finds out that Kavya is going to be a mother. She hugs Kavya and congratulates her.

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