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  • Thursday 6 April 2023

    "Anupamaa All Set to Go to Out for Work, Anuj Insults Maaya and Tells her to Go Away" Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 6th April 2023

    "Anupamaa All Set to Go to Out for Work, Anuj Insults Maaya and Tells her to Go Away" Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 6th April 2023

    "Anupamaa All Set to Go to Out for Work, Anuj Insults Maaya and Tells her to Go Away" Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 6th April 2023.

    The episode begins with Anupama completing her morning worship. She then takes blessings from her mother and is thankful to her and her brother for giving her courage.


    She thanks them for not letting her break down though her marriage is ruined. She is grateful to Bhavesh for taking care of her like an elder brother. Kanta asks her if she’s fine. Anupama tells her that she isn’t fine but will be fine if they are with her. She decides to prepare a bhog for Devi Maa and later goes to meet someone. After getting the call from someone, Vanraj gets ready for his swag and goes downstairs.


    Anupamaa 6th April 2023 Today's Episode Written Update

    While Anupama opens her wet hair, she gets reminded of Anuj. She puts sindoor and bindi. Holding her mangalsutra, she recalls the memories with him. Barkha instructs the househelp to send the sofa set for dry cleaning and change all the plants in the garden to English flowers. She also asks him to cook healthily from then on. She sips her coffee and calls the Kapadia mansion to be hers. Vanraj makes a printout of a page and calls his family members.


    Anupama knows that Anuj has left behind himself while leaving. Anuj feels restless and remembers Anupama. He drinks water. Anupama looks at Anuj and Anu’s photo on her mobile. She gets emotional and kisses the photo. She tells herself that her love and concern for Anuj will never come to an end no matter what the world says. She prays for his happiness even if his happiness is staying away from her.


    She prays to Kahna ji to take care of Anuj. She remembers Anu and asks her to take care of her father. She kisses the thread which Anu tied in her hand. Anuj closes the window of his room as the winds blow faster. Anupama opens the window and prays to the Sun.


    Anuj takes out his phone but fails to call Anupama. Anupama wipes her tears. The Shahs arrive in the living room and find Vanraj sitting in a chair with a document in his hand. Leela asks what the matter is. Samar and Pakhi too ask him why he called. Kavya tells Vanraj that she was frightened by his sudden call. Vanraj tells them that wonder has taken place.


    He tells them that he had applied to every company in the last two years but got rejected from there. He calls himself a failure in his business but he kept trying and finally got the result of it. He informs his family that he has gotten a job in a big company by god’s grace. Leela is grateful to Devi Maa. Vanraj is excited to work again. He wants to be his family’s support system. He asks Paritosh to get well soon as both of them will earn together. Leela feels that happiness is finally returning to their family.



     Vanraj tells her that he’s becoming the national head of the Delhi-based company and the package is high too. Kavya congratulates him and tells him that he deserves this. Vanraj’s children congratulate him too. Vanraj tells them that he was waiting for this day for a long and tells them that he’s back. Anuj decides to call Anupama as his hiccups weren’t stopping.


     Maaya enters his apartment and her sudden call made his hiccups stop. She tells him that the door of his apartment was open and so she entered without knocking. Anuj asks her about Anu. Maaya tells him that she has come alone to meet him. Anupama gets ready and walks out of the house. As she opens the door, she finds her neighbors in the street. Anuj gets upset as Maaya has sent Anu on her school trip. She tells him that she didn’t want Anu to see him in such a condition. She offers him some clothes and a grooming kit to freshen up. Anuj denies it to her.


     Maaya tells him that Anu will question him about Anupama. Anuj tells her that he will manage Anu. Maaya asks him to freshen up as they will go out. 

    Anupama gets nervous as she comes out of the house. The neighbors give her a strange look and some blame her for her ruined marriage.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming Episode 7th April 2023 :

     Anupama calls Maaya to let her talk to Anu. She asks her about Anuj. Maaya disconnects her call and lies to Anuj. Anupama’s children welcome Anupama to her dance academy. Vanraj makes a video of her enjoying herself with her children.

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