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  • Friday 31 March 2023

    "Maaya Forces Anuj to Stay, He Tries to Run Away " Anupamaa Upcoming 31st March 2023


    "Maaya Forces Anuj to Stay, He Tries to Run Away " Anupamaa Upcoming 31st March 2023

     "Maaya Forces Anuj to Stay, He Tries to Run Away " Anupamaa Upcoming 31st March 2023.


    The episode begins in Kanta’s house. Anupama looks out the window. Bhavesh gets emotional looking at her. He brings her favorite dal khichdi for her but she refuses to have it.



    He tells her that she’s the strength of the family and they didn’t see her in the such condition previously. He reminds her that Kanta and he didn’t eat anything from the previous night as she’s hungry too. He asks her to feed him as he cannot tolerate his hunger. Anupama holds the spoon and feeds him. When he requests her to eat, Kanta also asks her to eat. Anupama breaks down into tears as Bhavesh feeds her. She feeds Kanta too. As she gets emotional, Kanta hugs her.

     Anupamaa 31st March 2023 Today's Episode Written Update

    Bhavesh then makes her hair braid. Anupama lies on Kanta’s lap and falls asleep. Bhavesh asks Kanta how long Anupama will have to tolerate such pain. Kanta tells him that Anupama’s new chapter of life will begin from then on and as a mother, she will be with her daughter. Anuj again sees Anupama in his dream. He finds her waking him up and wishing him the Navratri. Soon, he finds himself alone in the living room. He gets restless and then finds Anu walking towards him like Anupama does her morning ritual.



     She wishes him Happy Navratri and asks him if he had fought with Anupama before coming to meet her. Anuj asks her why she’s questioning him. Anu tells him that if Anupama and he hadn’t fought then they would have come together to visit her. She also tells him that Anupama’s phone is switched off too. Anuj gets recalled how he treated Anupama in the recent past. Anu asks him not to fight with Anupama as she’s the best mother in the world and requests him to bring Anupama as she misses her.


     Anuj gets emotional and hugs her. Maaya asks her not to disturb him as he’s not completely fine yet. Anu asks her why Anupama didn’t come to meet her. Maaya tells her that Anupama must be busy in the preparation for Navratri. Anu tells her that Anupama can leave any work for her and if she didn’t come then there must be something wrong happened.


    Kanta wakes up Anupama and reminds her that Navratri is beginning from that day. Anupama tells her that her life is in dark and there’s nothing new in her life. Kanta motivates her to freshen up and worship the almighty. Anupama asks her why she’s the one to tolerate pain and that whatever she does falls short in her relationships. 

    She blames herself for falling short to fulfil others’ needs. Kanta asks her to keep quiet as she did her best in every relationship but the one with whom she had the most faith, he couldn’t stand up for her. Anupama asks her not to blame her husband. Kanta tells her that she can never fall short of what she does. She asks her not to stop as life cannot stop anyway.


    Anupama doesn’t get up. Kanta becomes stubborn and makes her get up. Anupama looks for her phone. Kanta asks her to forget her phone for a while and not talk to Anuj if she calls. She sends her to the washroom to freshen up. As Anupama leaves, Kanta prays to Devi maa to bless her so that she becomes a strength to Anupama. Barkha and Ankush have their breakfast. Adhik joins them. Ankush asks him if Pakhi talked to him. Barkha asks Adhik not to worry as she will talk to Pakhi to convince her. Ankush tells her that they are going too fast toward the business as they should look for Anuj.



    Barkha tells him that Anupama is with her mother and Anuj must be somewhere too. She asks Ankush and Adhik to focus on the business. She gets a text message and informs them that Anuj is at Maaya’s place. Anuj gets ready to leave Maaya’s house and thanks her for letting him visit Anu. Maaya asks him if everything is okay between Anupama and him.


    Anuj doesn’t reply to her question and tells her that he’s going to stay at his friend’s place and come to meet Anu regularly. She suggests him stay at her place for Anu’s sake. As he walks, he triples. Maaya tries to stop him. 

    Anuj falls to the floor. Anupama does aarti with Kanta and Bhavesh. Kanta asks Anupama to start afresh and gives her a diary where she can write about her thoughts and share her pain with herself.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 1st April 2023

     Kanta reaches Maaya’s house to talk to Anuj. Anuj asks her to tell Anupama that his chapter from her life is over.

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