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  • Friday 5 August 2022

    "Samar Consoles Anupamaa on Rakhi Celebration,Everyone Goes Against Vanraj " Anupamaa Upcoming 5th August 2022


    "Samar Consoles Anupamaa on Rakhi Celebration,Everyone Goes Against Vanraj " Anupamaa Upcoming 5th August 2022

    "Samar Consoles Anupamaa on Rakhi Celebration,Everyone Goes Against Vanraj " Anupamaa Upcoming 5th August 2022.

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Anupama is surprised to find Anu making Rakhi. Anu wants to send the Rakhis to her previous orphanage and the Shah house.


     She tells Anupama that Hasmukh has told her about the importance of Rakhi. She asks her if Paritosh and Samar will come and decides to make one for Vanraj. She decides to make Rakhi for the whole family. She asks Anupama if they will visit the Shah house on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Anupama tells her that they are going to celebrate Raksha Bandhan in the Kapadia house itself.

    Anupamaa 5th August July Today's Episode Written Update


     Kavya offers a glass of milk to Hasmukh. Vanraj comes downstairs and informs everyone that they are going to celebrate Raksha Bandhan forgetting everything that happened. Leela assures him that nobody will discuss the topic anymore. The next morning, the Shahs and Kapadias perform aarti in their respective houses. Vanraj stands beside Pakhi and asks her to do the aarti as she’s upset. Both the families complete the puja.


    Barkha pops her stress pill and hugs Ankush telling him that she’s very scared about Anuj’s announcement. Ankush asks her to wait till Anuj makes the announcement. He prays for Anuj and Anupama’s happiness so that they forget everything. Anuj notices Barkha and Ankush. The Raksha Bandhan ceremony begins in the Shah house. Kinjal waits for Samar to arrive. Leela tells her that they shouldn’t wait for Samar as his train can arrive late. Suddenly Dolly breaks down into tears.



     When Vanraj asks her the reason, she tells him that for the very first time in the last twenty-six years,  Anupama isn’t present on the occasion. She hugs Hasmukh as she doesn’t feel at home. Vanraj tells her that the Kapadia mansion is Anupama’s house. Pakhi disagrees with him and tells him that the Shahs are Anupama’s family too but blames herself for distancing her from the family.


    She tells him that if she would have stopped her from misbehaving with Anupama then they could have celebrated Raksha Bandhan happily together. Dolly decides to visit Anupama in the Kapadia mansion when Vanraj calls her crazy for wanting to meet Anupama even after the mess happened. Kavya defends in support of Dolly and tells Vanraj that though Anupama wouldn’t visit the Shah house they can visit her in the Kapadia mansion. Vanraj asks her to stop it.


    Kavya asks him to stop as there’s no time better than a festival to bond relationships together. She asks Pakhi to look at the Shahs and how their happiness is incomplete without Anupama. Anu asks Anupama when the Shahs will arrive and asks her to call them. Anuj tells her that Samar and Paritosh must be busy with work and may not arrive. Meanwhile, Samar arrives with a big teddy. Anupama hugs him.




    Anu gets excited to see Samar. He picks up Anu and shakes a leg with the Kapadias to celebrate the festival. Anupama thanks him for coming. He tells her that he’s always on her team and after knowing what happened in the Shah house, he directly arrived at the Kapadia mansion to meet her. Anu thanks Samar for coming and making her Rakhi complete.


     Samar tells her that Anupama and her happiness cannot get incomplete when he’s there. Anuj and G.K feel glad to see Samar. Sara praises Samar’s entry. Anupama goes to the kitchen to bring water for Samar. She gets emotional when Samar accompanies her to the kitchen. He tells her that Pakhi has done a big mistake which has divided the families even on the festive day. Anupama asks him not to discuss what has happened as the festival should be celebrated with a smile. Meanwhile, Anu calls Kavya and asks her to put the call on speaker.


     She greets everyone and wishes a happy Raksha Bandhan to them. She requests them to arrive as Samar has already come. When Anupama comes to call Anu, she disconnects the call and lies to her that she was playing with the phone. She apologizes to Kanha ji for lying to Anupama. Kavya and Kinjal praise Anu for her maturity at such an age. Vanraj blames Anupama for calling Samar at her place. Kavya asks him to stop blaming Anupama for everything. Kinjal stands up and informs Vanraj that she’s going to visit Anupama to stay away from the negativity in the Shah house. Kavya decides to accompany her. When Vanraj stops them, Kavya challenges him to stop them if he can.


    Paritosh warns Kinjal not to go to the Kapadia house. Dolly, Hasmukh, and Jignesh decide to visit Anupama’s house too. When Pakhi steps forward to accompany them, Vanraj stops her.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 6th August 2022 :

     Anupama takes care of Anuj who’s suffering from illness. She realizes the truth about her in-laws. Barkha insults Anupama. Anupama and Anu pray for Anuj’s well being.

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