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  • Tuesday 26 October 2021

    "Anuj-Anupamaa's Rain Romance " Anupamaa Upcoming Story Episode Spoiler.


    "Anuj-Anupamaa's Rain Romance " Anupamaa Upcoming Story Episode Spoiler.

    "Anuj-Anupamaa's Rain Romance " Anupamaa Upcoming Story Episode Spoiler.

    Segment Starts with Anupamaa and Anuj are going to Visit a Sight for Factory and Anuj insists Anupamaa Visit a Temple He used to Visit in his childhood.

    Anuj Shares How He comes once before He starts any Project.

    He Shares How He Believes in God and Everything He Starts Anything he comes to that Temple and Offers his Prayers and By far He got Success in every Project that’s why he wanted to come here with her.

    Anupamaa Who Thanks Anuj for almost Everything Tells Him Thanks for coming with her as She also wants to Thank God Before Starting this Project.

    They Reach the Temple and come out Suddenly Rains Starts and Both Gets Drenched they don’t get time to go back to Car.

    Anupamaa 26th October Today's Episode Written Update 

    Anuj Runs and comes with Umbrella But it's So Late Anupamaa is Fully drenched But Now Rain Along with Heavy Wind, Anupamaa Feels Cold and Shivers.

    Her Umbrella Flies in the Sky And Anuj again comes to Hold her and Umbrella, He Gives her Umbrella Back But He too Hold Umbrella With her.

    She Also Holds the Umbrella and Both Walks Towards Temple.

    Suddenly They Got hit with Heavy Wind and This Time Anuj Holds Anupamaa’s Hand to Stop her From Falling and this Scene Looks So Romantic.

    Anuj Quickly Pulls her Towards Him and Removes his Jacket and Makes her Wear his Jacket.

    Anupamaa too Holds his Jacket as she is Feeling So Cold.

    Anuj is Just Staring at her as He Lost In her beauty along with the Rain.

    What Will Happen Next? Will Anuj confess his love to Anupamaa?

    Stay Tuned into Tellyworld. in for Anupamaa Upcoming Story Episode Spoiler.

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